Killer Klowns in.... Rogersville!?!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes! Meth must be one helluva drug.  That's one I personally have never played with even back in the old days of 'doing all that I could' in the role of "Better living through the application of refined pharmacology".   Yep.  Seems dood after a multi-day Meth-binge showed up at our courthouse in Hawkins County where we've been fighting for the Gran in a Clown Mask carrying a Crossbow. Link HERE According to the local news reports on the radio which me and Wifey heard while out doing the evening shopping run, dood had God tell him the Debbil was at the Courthouse and it was full o'demons he was supposed to kill.  Too bad he got hemmed up before running acros't OUR particular magistrate Aye?  Not many tears would be shed if'n his corruptocRat ass got 'bolted' so to speak Jes' Sayin' Telling you, stories like this warms what's left of me ole blood pumper. Because stories like that right there  makes co

All Over The Place

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes! OK, bear with me... between exhaustion and meds a fucking stroke and a whoooole lotta "other" shytte, forgive me if I'ma allllll over the place in a disjointed fashion.  Soooooo much happening out 'there' in the IRL World, leastways "Clownworld" that leaves the "NewNormals" like us bafflegated and invertamated like a motherfucker... and yeah, I just made that shit up. Welcome to Clownworld Bitches. Hope you enjoy your stay... I'll be your host, Big Country Expat, would you like smoking or non-smoking?  Tough noogies fucko, it's all  smoking here bitches. Anyhoo.  Tired... so fucking tired... Besides physical exhaustion, mental as well.  Fuck it, drive on as a commenter said...  FIDO: "Readily will I display the intestinal fortitude required to fight on to the Ranger objective and complete the mission though I be the lone survivor."  The Ranger Creed... may not have graduated, but man, that sh


Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes! Lots of jokes about my walkabout and my potential location in North Carolina where the lights went out.  Not me, got witnesses.  However...  Couple of things I've been masticating in Ye Olde Thinking Meat, and the first thing that popped into mind (and a lot of 'others' as well) was just how quickly they had the distro on the press packet put together on this... American Partisan had a good write up on it. Seems a bit too  convenient that they had all the locations mapped out and given to the press... to include the immediate suspects, who, IRL were nothing of the sort.  Add on the dogpile on anything even remotely construed as 'right wing' anti-groomer, as there was a scheduled groomer session *drag queens for lil kids) supposed to take place, and the narrative chugs along nicely.  It also, when one thinks about it, is a perfect area to cause some minor disruption without genuinely inconveniencing any of the Cloud People, and Moor

Back Home and strO...K.....e Me

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes! Couplke of things:  Had to drive ALLLLL the way out the Clarksville Fucking Tennessee to go to a Navy Federal Bank location.   Space Force... Heh heh... It was that or Hotlanta and all the unpleasantness that entails.  4 hours each way.   Closest Active Duty DotMil Base Moar on that in a minute THEN Now, haven't mentioned it, but as one can imagine, Ye Olde Pressureage of Heart-and-Brain Lubrication Material has been a bit on the high  side.  Like yeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaah.  Now, I have a bunch of health issues, some -over with- like the Diabeetus, which I've now been -done with- for  almost a year.   That's been part of the shitstorm where I ain't been eatin' the ways I used to.  Lost a buttload of fat, and Type Two took a hike.  Good shit.  Otherwise, I'm ackchully in good shape outside of well, killer BP.  Normal for the level of stress I'm under... One health issue I'm never getting over is the neuropathy nerve damage.  Th

On The Road

 Got something going on. More to follow.  Everything is good Just busy again MLIRTIR  BCE

The Dial of Dumbassery

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes! Why the hell is Kathleen Kennedy still alive? She utterly destroyed  Star Wars... like the entire series  from start to finish with her wokery.  "The Force is Female" shit and the like... well, if it was, the bitch should have two  black eyes for not making the sammich correctly, and then for talking back.  If anything, I have to wonder just how much dirt does she have on Disney  to be allowed to destroy yet again   another  beloved franchise? Seems the new Indiana Jones Part Five "The Dial of Destiny" A.K.A. "The Film that - Finally - Killed Disney" dropped...  Oh my gawd...  I grew up (like most of us here) on Indiana Jones. The majority of us were born too late to enjoy the 1930s serials and whatnot Those of us lucky enough to have heard 'Old Time Radio' with the Lone Ranger, The Green Hornet and the other classics, well, we were lucky... DeadDad recorded the majority of them on a giant Reel-to-Reel TEAC tape d

Uh Oh.... Always Check the Settings and Observations

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes! So, as I told y'all the other night, I installed one of them Wyze lock and cam setups.  Good security.  Keeps Wifey feeling betterer about the haus security.   So this's a nifty gadget.  Lets you unlock the door from the car when you've got groceries.  Lets you monitor the door as well if and when it gets opened.  What I didn't know  was that there's an auto-lock setting . Me: "Takes out garbage" "Closes door, goes, drops garbage at the trash point, comes back" Fucking locked out of the house (Thank You Auto-lock) Without Ye Trusty Cell Phone nor key... RackumFrackum Grrrrrrrrr..... wash rinse repeat. Thankfully there were some kids throwing basketball down on the court, so I borrowed one of their cell phones and called the Wifey who was able to unlock the door clean across town.  As annoying as this was, it was still Pretty Damned Cool for her to be able to remotely unlock the house Aye? Got inside and checked