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Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!!!
Safely ensconced at the North Carolina Redoubt with Miss Daisy, who BTW makes a fucking -killer- pot roast.  A real treat as Wifey n me have been on the road for the past few.  Last evening wasn't bad except at one point I jumped off the highway in Georgia to get some benzene and lo! and behold!

12 State Troopers and three tow trucks.  Seems -someone-- got in a tangle and one car was 'down in the daisies' (off road and rolled) and the other that done did the hitting thrashed and trashed.

Right at the off ramp.

Needless to say, one blocked lane and 35 minutes later I was finally able to get to the gas pump and refill.  No one injured.  In fact the dood who was in the rollover was at the gas station calling for someone to come get him.  Seems a ton of airbags actually worked as advertised.

So... they finally shot down the Balloon
My only thought is they waited until they could plausibly deny -whatever- it was... "Ahhh well, it fell in the Ocean, no idea what it was, so sorry!"  Whereas if'n it'd been waxed when it should have been (i.e. when it was over our fucking missile silos) there was too many chances it'd land where -evvabody- would see what it was.  Expect more of the same... Lies and Obfuscation and a Heaping Pile of Bullshit from the Ministry of Propaganda and Lies...

So, because I DGAF about Nena's Luftballoon, I've got something cool for y'all.

I was showing Miss Daisy Wifey's new self defense piece, the Taurus.  She digs her some weaponry and has a 12 gauge riot gun for unwelcome and unexpected visitors.  That being said, we got into the discussion of the loads I've put in Wifey's piece, (leastways til I can find some 'other' rounds, as good .357 is hard and expensive to find).  Hornady Critical Defense .38SPL 90 Grain "Ladies Hollowpoints" so to speak.  Pink labelling, low(er) recoil solid copper rounds that -won't- over-penetrate, a concern if she needs to start blazing at an irate client in the Law Office.

On mentioning the .38SPL, she tells me she's got "...her Daddy's .38" and goes and gets it...
A dated 6 Shot K-Model Pre-War Smith and Wesson .38SPL.  Post war they started calling it the "Military and Police" model K.  NRA Very-Good to almost Excellent.  Serial numbers and date-of-manufacture (on the backstrap) states 1937
I rubbed a lil cornstarch on it, and the pic isn't that good, but I looked up the SN on the S&W database, and it matches for the time and date.
Gorgeous weapon.
Deer Antler Grips, not sure if that's factory or not, as I couldn't in a quicky search find it, but maaaaan.  Her Daddy I'd say shot the hell out of it.  There's a wear-mark on the left hand side right above the grip where -my- thumb rests when I'm holding it.  A magnificent example of a Pre-War Smith...
The bluing is worn where one would expect for a 'daily carry outside the house.'   The cylinder is tight AF and the lands and groves in the barrel are pristine.  She was worried she couldn't fire it or that it was inoperable.  Needless to say, after I wiped the drool off of it, I told her she was good to go and gave her 5 rounds for it from Wifey's box of Hornady.

And yeah, I checked, this'll handle them no issue.  I also instructed her on the 'falling on a dead chamber' just as a precaution, as I figured with an 86 year old lady, that making sure she gets one "oops" click before the giggle switch goes full active is better.

Besides, as I told her, if someone is still around after she's thrown round #1, she's got serious issues that a .38 ain't fixing quick so to speak.  At that point I told her she needed to transition to the Riot Gun and rain Heel down on the transgressors.

Kill 'em All, For God Will Know His Own
So, possibly Church tomorrow.  Have to see how we're feeling.  We also may/may not have to deal with one of Miss Daisy's... err... shall we say? dirtbag Grandchildren?  Seems a quite a bit of boodle has gone amiss here at the Redoubt, and she's got a Methhead Grandchild who Wifey wants to... shall we say? "Have a Come To Jesus" meeting with.


I just say I shoot the fucker and call it even.
Miss Daisy said it's cool either way.
Kids today man...
Fuck... when the Hell did I get so fucking old?

So, hope ya dug it.  BTW Wirecutter, Miss Daisy ain't got the hang of commenting on her "Miss Daisy's Roast Me" Friday Edition, but she's mad tickled by it...
So More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. 1. The Pentagon was following this and other CCP spy balloons for months .
    2. Biden was notified when this spyship entered US airspace, and then ordered the stand down.
    3. The stand down allows the spyship 3 days to map critical US Military infrastructure coast to coast.
    4. Finally, after The Mission was complete and all data transmitted back to the CCP...
    5. Biden orders "the evidence" destroyed by blowing it out of the sky over the Atlantic.

    Yet none dare call it treason...

    R.I.P. America

    1. …annnd it worked as a news distraction away from Pfizer and Ukraine. Three birds one stone.

    2. Chances it took them that long to fond a sufficient racially appropriate individual to shoot down the balloon… now there will be debates on what a racially blessed individual can do vice others and what is needed in our country today…. Chicom still wkns…

  2. They took out the unit that does all the spying, you could see the payload explode. Pedo joe got nothing but junk.

  3. The Pre Model 10 Smith is an excellent weapon. No need to leave one empty as they have a hammer block. You can't see it until you take it apart, but don't do that until you for real know how. I do not notice a really visible ring on the cylinder where the cylinder lock rides, so I don't think it was shot all that much. These Smiths are NOT for +P ammo. Miss Daisy can cock it and that will make it easier to pull the trigger.
    Peace bro, and go ahead and go to church.

  4. a 38 like that was mom's pick too. minus the stag grips. she like to use wadcutters in hers
    but she also had a box of old Winchester 158 grain half jacket hollow points for it as well.
    she used to out shoot dad with a handgun when they did shoot. most of the time it was when
    down at grandpa farm in eastern KY. when she shot, she did it like those old gals did in the pictures. one hand out and the other on her hip. dad had a 1911 like he used back in the Navy.
    ask her to will it to you, she just might. as you and wifey are the only ones checking up on her
    you should look into those Berry 38 wadcutters with the hollow base too.

  5. Historic Balloon Czar04 February, 2023 21:04

    Easy on +P rounds in that! Enemedia says the clown in chief didn't want to burst the diplomacy balloon as Stinken' Blinken is to meet with his comrades.
    There is a Kraine/Wuhan level lab in Kansas and some missile silos, & MIL bases out where the Fang Fang balloon was floating.
    Only the Circus Circus regime would wait until it had completed the mission if it did shoot anything down.
    Trump ended the Open Skies Treaty so maybe they thought something new was built since then or looking to upgrade.

  6. One use for such balloons is to float an EMP warhead into an appropriate fact several of them to insure complete coverage of the North American continent. Then a near simultaneous detonation would take down the majority of the grid for US/Canada and render us
    ripe for an attack. THAT is a major purpose for these balloons. To map the Jet Stream over North America.

  7. My first was a .38 SW. Took it down to the Police Range to shoot it while carrying our first at 7 months. Did ok and the Range Master said God help anyone that hurts your kids. Red

  8. A .38, even a .380, with modern bullet technology, can be a good self defense round. Also, that balloon was detected when crossing the Aleutians, then out over open water before hitting the mainland. Joe and/or Milley and/or Justine were ordered to let it cross North America. Just for the Grande Humiliation Ritual.

  9. I NEVER understood reducing your ammo supply by 15% in a revolver or any other weapon.
    6 rounds is only 6 rounds before a reload is needed. Load the fucking thing with a full compliment and proceed as needed.
    NO ONE EVER complained about having too much ammo after being forced to use a weapon for SD. Leaving and empty hole is just dumb!!

  10. Target wad-cutters were the goto low recoil defense load back in the day and the are far better than any LRN. IMO they would be my choice over the light for caliber lady defense loads. Those old smiths are fabtastic guns. Colts after 1904 and swing out cylonder Smiths are GTG wth loading all 6

    There is a theaory that they are a test run for an EMP strike as the ideal altitude for one would be about were the baloon was at.

  11. BCE, Great News to hear
    1. Tooth Fixed
    2. Safe trip back to the back woods
    3. Home with Mrs Daisy (Good rest, refit and concentrate on action ahead)
    On the stupid military, stupid balloon, and ultra compromised stupid puppet installed in the White House...
    One - Notice that all the comps from above waited until the Chink Intel asset had completed it's mission BEFORE it was shot down.
    TWO - Mealy Milley is on record stating we SHOULDn't shoot down his Master's toy
    (Wasn't this Treasonous Waste of foreskin the one who called the Chink Military and told them that HE would personally Warn them if Orange Man Bad ever threatened to do anything against them?)
    Three - As you noted, the Chink Asset was not taken down until it was safely over Unrecoverable deep ocean so that the Kid sniffer can go on ALL the MSM/Dem Propaganda outlets and brag about his courageous Military action to Protect this country>
    (Only after he got a personal call from his Boss Xi that told him it was OK).
    Prayers for healing and strength and the Glorious return of ALL Family members,
    Forever and Ever Amen

  12. I've been finding 357 HPs at Rural King, $20/20. Down in Sweetwater or Mrrrrville prolly closest? Hell, I'll give you a box if you need it.

  13. Glad to see you mention going to Church.

    My gut says American Balloon.

  14. The S&W.38 Special is very familiar looking. My father had a Victory series series Model 10 made in August or September of 1942 as it is a low serial number. S&W database doesn't give an exact month, He had it nickel plated and put grips on it similar to what Gen. Patton had on his. This was his duty weapon when he was a police officer in the early 50s. Yes, he served under Patton at one point during WWII and had a great deal of respect for him.

    Due to my arthritis, I have had to replace the grips with a good rubber grip, but of course I kept his grips. It is the square butt just like Miss Daisy's.

    These are very dependable revolvers. He could drop a moving rabbit or skunk at 25 feet shooting from the hip. As others have stated, DO NOT shoot +P loads in it.

  15. Balloon = false flag/distraction. Recommend keeping eyes and ears open for the real shit thats happening. And that Smith is giving me a bo-nar. First one in years.

  16. I have nothing of substance to offer up RE: the big white devil balloon, other than WHY weren't the Alaskan HARRP arrays trained full force on the jet stream on this sucker to push it all the way down to Roswell for a proper burial, but after a death contrail douche to cleanse the chi-com off? I think FJB is yellow, that's why. Oh, and yeah, definitely two ways you can take that one Me Hearties....


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