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OK, lot of commentary via Aesop's comments here which I allow, as as long as you aren't flinging poo -at me- per se, it is an ugly food fight if the participants want to 'get it on.'  Keeps it from being boring.  Now, I've been going over the comments and whatnot, and one of the things Aesop hammers on is "show your work!"

Now, one of his points is that Vlad and Company is out of quality men and armor...(not a fan myself of Vlad but the man IS standing up for HIS people comparatively to Globohomo and their ilk...)  I just think the whole fucking thing is a intentionally orchestrated needless "brother war" that certain elements have set in motion that've had a shall we say contentious history with a certain small-hatted tribe in the past...and no, pointing out the very fact is that every. single. person. involved in the "Maidan Uprising" and the rest of the shenanigans that finally had the Russians 'cry Havoc! and start the Russian SMO, nor the very fact that the Head Krainian Grifter Krainfeld is a member of the aforementioned tribe is anti(((something))).  Avoiding that truth, well... so be it on you.  Me?  I think the whole fucking thing reeks to high Heaven.

Now, Aesop said in the comments on my first Article: "In this bash-up, the fact that Ivan is - of mother-effing necessity - refurbing 60-year-old museum pieces is what logisticians refer to as a "tell". "

Probably, much to some of y'all's horror, I'm in complete agreement. 

Ivan -is- 'digging deep' like a motherfucker to get MOAR Armor up, refurbed and running.  He needs to, but not only for the reasons that our Cali-Dude thinks IMO.  Give me a second to finish and I'll explain.

He also stated "M4 Shermans weren't a helluva lot to write home about, but they worked, and Patton rode them all the way into Germany, against much better enemy tanks. Which had a lot more to do with quantities and logistics tail than anything else, least of all, their non-existent combat superiority."  

Again, Completely agree.

Thing of it is, got me a hunch Ivan is going to be refurbing like they have because they can.  It IS a 'tell' that they're refurbing shit.  Reasons?  Well for one, they have the availability of a LOT of armor and/or 'potential armor' available.  I've found a few things doing my own digs out there.  One is a website that shows 'abandoned places' worldwide.  It's appropriately called "Abandoned Spaces"  Now, very interestingly they have a page on the what was the 206th Armor Repair Plant in the Russian Far East in Ussuriysk. 
Waaaaaaaaaay the fuck out in Vladivostok.
Now, the link is HERE
The photos are impressive.
A Repair Depot
An ABANDONED (as of 2018) Repair Depot.
LOTS of abandoned Soviet Era Armor.  Like a Brigade worth judging from the photos, a small sampling here:

That is, by my accounting just in those four pics, a metric fuckton of Armor.
Anyone want to bet any of that shytte is still there?
Nah... didn't think so.

Now, for those who go and see the pictures and some of the detailed shots, yeah, they've been scrounged and scavenged down to the fucking hulls in many cases, and will try to make the case that there's no way they could ever be rebuilt.

Wanna bet Sparky?

All you have to do is look at some of the current restoration projects out there of the Wehrmacht's tanks that are in progress -currently-, some of them that were -completely- blown the fuck up to just a hull and various pieces-parts to rebuilt from.  These?  Shiiiiiiiiiiiit.  Der Cherman restorations, they have to make the parts from scratch as there ain't no original (OEM) parts available so to speak, unlike the Rooskie tracks.

Ivan never throws -anything- away for good.

There's a good reason cheap 7.62x54R Mosin Ammo is still available in the ubiquitous spam cans, usually with 1950 manufacture dates on it.  Stalin, and ALL the Rooskie Leadershit since had a near-psychotic need to -build-build-build-bogart-bogart-bogart-stockpile-stockpile-stockpile-.  Hell, there's Mosins that get found with original octagonal barrels from the turn of the last century that get found all the time.  And BTW, for the record, those pics that were used to deride the Russian Army?  Showing them "...using antiquated World War 2 vintage rifles..." or some such shytte?   Like this one?
There's a reason they're using it.
It's one of the most accurate sniper rifles available to them in MASSIVE numbers.  Available as Hell, and if not better, definitely Cheaper than a Dragunov.  Probably already 'paid for' so to speak, budget wise Aye?

I speak of this as an owner of a Mosin.  Fucking thing is a serious long distance ticket-puncher.  Now, for those who want to deride the Russians, well, the flip side of the coin?
The Krainians are using fucking 100 year plus Maxims!

Cool AF but also shows the perfection and resiliency in the design... anyways...historical sidetrack, sorry...

MY point is that the Russians have that place (as of 2018 when the pics were taken) as an abandoned stockpile of basic material.  You -cannot- tell me they don't have the means to refurb those fuckers.  

That many available tank chassis, hulls, turrets and who knows how many cannon?
Throw in an engine, remount the turret, add new 'sneakers' (track... we called new track new sneakers 'cos of the new rubber blocks) and run some lines and add fluids?
Game The Fuck ON Krainfeld and NATO

Let me tell you, WW2?  Shermans that got absolutely creamed by the Germans were rebuilt, recrewed and 'back on the line' shortly after.  Rebuilt just behind the lines no less.  Of course, this was with a HUGE Logistics Tail back to the "Arsenal of Democracy" (Heh... private joke I may/may not ever share....very obscene but funny) but yeah, the "Arsenal of Democracy" (Heh again) stateside, which was our all-out mechanical and industrial capacity and effort that allowed us to "keep them fighting" so to speak.  Rebuilding and refurbishing, speaks as a Logistician from the GMASS program, is waaay fucking cheaper and easier than a from-scratch effort.

Trust me, I know of what I speak.
I was with the High Command.

So.  As Aesop bags on it, the fact remains that Ivan is refurbing and rebuilding, maybe because of need, but TBH, I think there's something more to it.  Call it my 'combat-antenna' or ingrained paranoia, but Ivan -does- harbor some expansionist ideas now and again.  In this case, because we've literally and figuratively 'emptied the cupboard' vis-a-vis the Krain with our ATGMs, or Arty Ammo, and shit... Ivan knows this.  Who the fuck knows what else we've given them?  The HIMARS? Over 25% of available stocks in total...  IF Vlad decided that NOW was the time to do the "Fulda Hustle"?  Der Chermans nor the US DotMil, in particular, the Army would be able to stop them.

Payback, as well as KrainianKarma is a pure dee bitch.
Jes' Sayin'.
Vlad may harbor the idea to let us continue the 'low-level bleed' of our gear (NOT immediately available unlike in Russia) as we have damned near NO industrial capacity to restart the assembly lines the likes of which we'd need to, and then decide that it was time to punish Germany and Us... tough call... I mean at that point the fucktards in charge would probably go full retard and drop nukes, but hey, I'm just some loudmouth with a blog.

Now, as to Aesop's other mention of the M4 not being as good?
If you remember in the movie "Fury"
4 Shermans to start..
Then 3...
and finally one... 'Fury' itself....  
An intense scene.
Gets my heart racing no matter how many times I see it...
Asshole Pucker-Factor of 10+
I'd need my Leatherman to dig the seat cushion out of my ass after some shit like that...
Jes' Sayin'

So... Anywhoo
It was the average of a 4 Sherman to 1 Tiger kill ratio average, BUT:
We made, between 1942 to 1945 over 50,000 Shermans versus the 1337 Tiger 1 tanks built from 1942 to 1944.  
As a Loggy would say "Quantity Quantity Quantity!!!" is a Quality alllll it's own.
Swarm Attacks.  It's the only way to be sure.
Ivan is winding up the Quantity Factor here, right here, right now.  

Mind you.
This is one abandoned tank plant from 2018.
According to various Intel groups, the Russians have currently 70 rebuild-refurb plants available, with numbers 71 and 72 in the process (as of September 2022) being built and put into production, specifically to help with the war-effort.  There are no less than 19 LARGE 'mothball facilities' located all over Russia.
As in Arifjan, when you start measuring tanks by the Acre, you're dealing with a metric fuckton of Armor.

Jes' Sayin'
Pic above is a Sat-Shot of the Central Tank Reserve Base No. 6018 in the town of Kamyshlov in central Russia via Goolag Earth.  The reason for the refurb of the older 1950/1960 T-62s?  Rebuilding those is a quick and dirty answer to the need/want of quantity over  quality.  Not to mention the upgrades, a lot of which are 'plug and play' i.e. night-vision and even thermals, and wham-bam-tanks-a-lot-ma'am you got a whole fucking pile of eas(ier) to run armor ready to be used in LARGE scale attacks and overwhelm the enemy.

The only sign I've seen of us 'ramping' -anything- up are the Hiring Ads from BAE looking for explosives handlers and chemists and whatnot at the Ammunition Plant right our front door. 
Holston Army Munitions Plant.

Per the RAND Corporation: "The Army has a large industrial base that consists, in part, of 11 contractor-operated and 3 government-operated plants that make ammunition and 2 government-operated arsenals that make ordnance items such as gun tubes for artillery pieces and tanks."
One of them right out my front door.
Compared to Russia?
We may as well be fucking Lichtenstein in our production capacity now.
Two whole fucking tank and gun tube plants
I'm sure that Ivan is quaking in his boots at those levels of Industrial Capacity.
Nevermind the fact that the institutional knowledge is about fuckin gone to the point a few years back, our Nukes which needed some form of highly classified and rare manufactured gas of some kind which assisted in the detonation of our bombs, well, the shit 'went bad'... half-life or something, and no one knew nor remembered how to make it for love nor moneyNo One wrote down the 'recibe' so to speak... it happened under the Obamamessiah's watch so there wasn't a lot of hroo-hroo made about it, but to those of us in the know?  Yeah, bit of a nail biter there.  Not cool man.  They eventually unfucked the sit-rep, but damn... deadlining our Nukes 'cos everyone who built, maintained and designed them died and/or forgot -how- to keep them 'up to snuff'?

Bad JuJu Boys, Bad Joss for Sure.

Happened in the time of the Space Shuttle, Lil Country, my former BF, his Dad?  PhD (multiple) who worked for NASA, who, after the first Shuttle went Kaboomie-Boom! He was part of the team that had to do a lot of upgrades and whatnot to the shuttle fleet.  Believe it or not, a lot of the pieces parts they needed they had to get from fucking Ebay as the shit hadn't been manufactured since the early 70's, nor did the tooling still exist to replicate that shit.  Same shit, I'm betting is going to happen with our current sit-rep, weapons wise.

Aesop can go off on Vlad being unable to field anything other than old shit, however, the reality is, he's got a lot of old shit available that the fucking Krainians don't and won't have.  And then that ties into the fact that, as stated before Quantity is a Quality all on it's own, such as our forefathers had in WW2, and which the Krainians, despite the fantasists cheerleading about the Wunderwaffen, shit ain't doing a Goddamned Thing either way.   

We're fucked, and the World Knows it.
Maybe this isn't such a bad thing?
Only Time Will Tell.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. Any old piece that can shot right now is better that the newest best-est unobtainium some time next year.

  2. "We're fucked, and the World Knows it.
    Maybe this isn't such a bad thing?"

    Good or bad, bro, we bought and paid for it. Figuratively and literally. Everyone pays the piper in the end.

  3. In the past half century the US has offshored the majority of our manufacturing capabilities. Reversing that will take time... assuming the criminals in power even want to try. We are no longer remotely capable of being the "arsenal of democracy". We are barely capable of supplying our own anemic .mil. The quality of our weapons is superior. The quantity is inferior. Whoever runs out first will lose. Let's all hope we don't find out. Because the loser will be incentivized to cross that horrible Rubicon....use of nuclear warheads.

  4. First, the tank you have is better than no tank.

    Next, M-1A2 SEP vs T-90? Yeah I'd ride the M-1. M-1A2 SEP vs 3 or 4 T-90's or T-72B3's or a few T64's with thermals, Russian crews and Kornet's flying all over the place? Bad scene man.

    T14 is an unknown but then again we have nothing on it and don't bring up fucking Abrams-X. The lat thing we need is another overly complex and expensive 70 ton target,

    Second, the Russians have a different attitude towards tanks. They don't see them as battlefield magic, just useful buckets of bolts. One gets blown up? Get another one.

    We lose one and it's like the end of the world.

    What's apparent to me is that we are piss weak on Artillery. A fragile 155 towed piece and the M-109. That's it. No more eight inch. And not enough of any of it. Unless we are taking on Mexico or Canada. Mebbe not bad idea there.

    Infantry? Even back in the 80's we never trained in fighting from or clearing fucking trenches man.

    We got some big decisions and choices to make and fuck all for money. Better wise up in a hurry. Don't see in happening though. Gotta have moar B-21's and a bunch of 6 year old littoral combat ships to scrap out.

    1. Anon I had to laugh at your last paragraph. Yesterday got linked to a story about the littoral decomishions, it was funny because the ship name was the Little Rock and the cli(n)tones came to mind.

      BC was that private Joker in the cartoon?

    2. "Infantry? Even back in the 80's we never trained in fighting from or clearing fucking trenches man."

      I tried hard to get that type of training going back then too. There was a mockup trench complex somewhere alongside a MOUT site, I forget which stateside base it was on. I thought it would be a good exercise to broaden the troop's skills with the benefit of being a fun oooh rah change of pace over the same old thing we always did. The S-3 had no interest. Life goes on.

  5. They are going to kick of a world war just to install the control they need. What a flipping mess.

    1. Bring it because now there is 4 or 5 behind every blade of grass and if I don't survive I will be in a better place.

  6. Panzerjagermeister07 February, 2023 23:57

    Poland will be the distribution point and Germany must think that Ivan can't see that.
    At Kursk/Prokhoravka in WWII Jerry busted out Panzer II's & III's, The Czech tanks from Skoda, even Panzerjagers with the "door knocker" 37mm.
    No weapon is ever truly obsolete, just ask the guy who got hit in the head with a rock.
    Scuttlebutt is that Ivan will kick it off on February 15 so that means not likely.

  7. that is something I have been trying to tell people for years now. we can not fight or supply a war like WW2 again. we do not have the factories. or the trained people or machines to do it.
    and the big problem is that people do not understand that. hell, there are very few machine tools made here anymore. one nice thing about shop class was at least people where trained in simple tools. we don't even have that anymore.
    and most if not all of our machine tool makers have gone off shore.
    South Bend machine tools is long gone. most machine tools are made elsewhere. China ,
    or it little island next door.
    ramping up making arms is just not going to happen .
    we, the US gov't got rid of all our leftover hardware after WW2. not Ivan, he stashed it all away
    in warehouses. it is a lot easier and faster to clean something up than to make it again from scratch. anyone who thinks otherwise is fooling themselves.

    1. You are absolutely correct in all of the above. At the outbreak of WWII, the USA was one of the world's leaders in industrial output (if not THE leader) in this world. And this capability was quickly turned around into total war production--a process which took about a year to get kick-started. Now nearly all of that heavy industry is gone. Kaput! And if you wonder why there are all those empty large building complexes still standing in those rust-belt cities--those were once those funny little things called 'factories' where stuff was pumped out of on huge scales by people called 'Americans.' Now that scale of what we once had is largely gone. And say if we had to scale up to a war footing as we had in WII--it would be impossible. Impossible even if we had 10 years lead time to accomplish the goal. A Kaiser ship yard or a Ford plant 1mile long turning out bombers like Krispy Kremes daily is a thing of the past. And even if we wanted to do such a thing--we do not have the trained people. In China you can fill up three large soccer (a game played by foreign, Spanish speaking homosexuals) stadiums with tool makers. In the USA, you'd be lucky to full up a medium sized meeting room at a Las Vegas resort. A few years ago I went back to my old high school and discovered the main portion of the industrial arts building was converted to a day-care center for pregnant teenage high schoolers. The entire industrial arts program'/s were eliminated years before.

    2. Had an auction flyer come a few years back, come to me in the shop mail. One of the items was a plate roller, ie to roll form plate steel. Capacity was 18" thick, that stuck with me- who needs to roll 18" thick plate? Naval shipyards. No idea the results, but I would guess that piece of equipment is no longer here in the US and probably less than a few ever existed. Goodies like that are rare things indeed, and we don't have them- and if we did, we couldn't protect them. Rock Island Arsenal? Yes, it is an island, in the middle of the Mississippi river. Take out a few bridges, it is reduced to barge access. Take out a dam, guess ya gotta helo the materials in and outs....

    3. Yeah, we really are just that pathetic now. After Coral Sea, they drydocked and repaired the badly damaged USS Yorktown and had her beck at sea battle ready in 3 days. We could build a liberty ship in 24 hours in those days, now it takes 15 years to replace a highway bridge.

    4. back in the 1970's a lot of smaller machine shops shut down- EPA
      there was a time you could walk into a scrap yard and find lathes, milling machines
      shapers and grinders toss aside and sold as scrap metal. I bought a metal lathe for the price of scrap metal. like 20 cents a pound. under 40 or 50 bucks for a South Bend 9 inch metal lathe. also got a compound table for 20 bucks.
      back in 1984-5, I saw a machine shop that closed down with a leaky roof.
      3 floors of rusted junk. a damn shame. it used to be a machine shop on every other block when I was a kid. I got the heads done on my first car for 20 bucks at a local shop. the old guy there even showed me how to port and polish it.
      those days are long gone. the clowns in charge kill them.
      BTW, a good condition South Bend lathe today made here, will bring over 2 grand easy
      if I had the space and a place to store it, I would have bought a lot more old machine tools that where made here. paid 75 bucks for a Walker-Turner drill press and saved it from going to the scrap yard. works better than most made today.
      a lot of people say a old time machinist would be lost in a shop today, maybe for a couple of days . but after he figured it out and he would, he would run rings around you.

  8. Well-done, Big Country! Excellent analysis and probably dead-bang on the money. Ivan likes to overwhelm his enemies with ruggedly-made weapons in numbers that stagger the imagination. They say over there that "quantity has a quality all its own," and they live those words not just say 'em. Your example of the ubiquitous Sherman could have been written about the equally-numerous T34 and T34-85. Heck, so many of those suckers got made that people were still using 'em as recently as the Balkans Civil Wars in the 1990s, and there's probably someone rolling one out right now, somewhere on this planet, probably in Africa somewhere.

    Folks may ridicule those old weapons, but if no one else has a tank and you are out of anti-tank weapons, a T34-85 could pay a lot of hurt on you before someone finally knocks it out. And Ivan knows that our supply of high-tech weapons such as the Javelin is now scrapping the bottom.

    Oh, and one other thing: Their reading of the mindset of our triumphalist so-called "leaders" in-uniform and out, was equally on the money. Our brass and foreign-policy "experts" were so busy acting all puffed about "defeating the Soviets" back in the 1990s that they forgot to confirm that the target was actually down for the count.

    Any hunter worth his salt knows that when you shoot a big bear, you make double-damned sure that sucker is dead! Well, guess what? The Russian bear is very much alive, and he's mad and in the mood to tear someone apart. Welcome to the 2020s!

  9. I remember reading precovid the chinese were buying up old auto junk yards all across NA. Then shipping the wrecks to china for resmelting. Those yards hsd a lot of old but still good steel in them, now we have shortages of basic pipes and no domestic capability.
    The only pipe foundry in canada is russian owned.


    1. EVRAZ (russian) bought the local steel mill here in pueblo colo. It's for sale since the sanctions started. No buyers yet. Our local PVC pipe plant, JM Eagle is owned by China. Cement plant owned by Mexicans, GCC and second plant owned by French, LarfargeHolcim. Wind mill steel tower plant is owned by South Koreans, Vestas and all of the material used for towers comes from Mexican steel mills. Traction chain plant is owned by Austria, Pewag. That number is just from my not good memory.

    2. In the late 30's Japan was doing the same thing.

  10. I recall reading the Soviets built in excess of 25,000 T72 tanks. Just the T72.
    Sticking some upgrades on the things and using them sounds like a pretty good idea if you're wanting armor right damn now.
    Thing is that mentality extends right though. The idea they're running short of artillery shells? Fuck no. They drained the Aral Sea to make guncotten. Russia inherited the vast majority of those stores.
    Then you start looking at claims like their logistics suck, but at the same time they're importing all the shells from the norks? Shit doesn't add up.
    Basically, I get why they're pissed about NATO rocking up on their doorstep, understand why they might have taken so long to DO something about it, and reckon I've got a decent understanding that the way they fight is NOT the way most of the west does.
    That's why I don't think they're doing anywhere near as badly as claimed, and most of the shit you see about old equipment being reactivated isn't about losses so much as using what they've got and keeping the A team for a wider and more serious confrontation.
    Far too many seem to be caught in the headspace they're still the massed Soviet horde, or the broken, dilapidated country of the 90's. They are not.

  11. NATO has made it clear: they will settle for nothing less than the partitioning of Russia.

    Vlad is in this for the long haul. They have the resources: the energy, the raw materials, the labor, to produce the materiel... state of their art, now. But of course they refurb, scrape up the bottom, and use it first, while NATO "fights" with it hands tied behind it's back in a "proxy". Everything we throw at them is meant to be used coordinated by the highly trained. Instead we throw it at the Kraine piecemeal so Vlad grinds it all up, one at a time. Whoever is commanding NATO, is ordering NATO to disarm itself. Meanwhile Vlad plays the long game, refurb, scrape the barrel, and throw that crap at them while they are voluntarily disarming, while keeping the serious stuff, and the cranking out the *new* stuff, in reserve for when the war *really* starts.

    Someone is ordering the west to disarm itself, while removing competent soldiers via jab mandates, and replacing with "diversity".

    The people are still armed and capable, but the US Gov has been replaced, and gutted.

    Plan accordingly. Personally, I'd rather have to learn Russian the Mandarin. Vlad sees us as enemies (finally), yet brothers. The *HAN* see us a sub-human.

    1. You got it right in all respects Fido. Another factor you didn't mention is the deliberate, funded, aided and abetted invasion from the south. Altogether, FUSA is not just a paper tiger, it's on fire already.
      BTW, Russian is a gorgeous language. Very regular in grammar and pronunciation (at least compared to our mangled mess of a language). It's a very figurative language, and takes a lot to be fluent, but basic communication is easy.
      And yes, the Han are the most racist people on the planet. The 'bros' in the hood have nothing on them in that regard.

  12. The Russians know what a tank is used for. T-62s T-72s with some plug and play sights and HE rounds will be sufficient for 95% of engagements. No reason to risk T-90Ms until Leopards and Challengers start showing up.

    1. I was looking at some footage on War News 24/7 a couple weeks back and--yes they are bringing up massive columns of the T90m armor (as in trains and trains) and they have about 150 of the T14's staging now inside Urkaine. All of this new shite I believe they are going to deploy with massive artillery, air and ground support.

  13. They have fucktons of rusted dafuq up old hulks. No doubt about it.

    Fire control equipment? (Optics are a motherfucker on that shite, even for legacy tanks. Ask the Chermans about that.)
    Tank crews?
    Trained/combat experienced TCs??
    Able to work and play as a team under fire, in larger formations???

    Vlad's clowns haven't been able to pull that last one together in a year of trying.

    Everything above that last item points to him getting his armor up, from those stripped, rusted hulks...in about 2½ to 10 years.

    They've absolutely got 40K armor hulks, scattered from Hell to breakfast, all over Russia.
    The two open questions are if they can refurb them, and how quickly.

    I get that the Butthurt Brigade thinks they'll be pooping them out like rabbit pellets tomorrow (based on zero past performance to that standard in a century), but the reality for Team Fanboi is, even if Emperor Poopypants wins re-selection in '24, he'll be termed out of office before the first refurbed T-62 armor platoon hits the highway for 'Kraine.

    Just like it's liable to be next Thanksgiving or Christmas before any western tanks get to the Ukes.
    (Which, yet again, makes you wonder why the very idea has crybaby Vlad's panties twisted around his own nutsack so tightly.)

    As Wilford Brimley told the deputy in Electric Horseman "I wouldn't be gettin' my hopes up."
    A lot can happen, on all sides, in 2½-10 years.

    1. Any minute he'll start waving his pudgy little fists around and demand. "Which way are the lines moving?!?!? WHICH WAY....!!!!"

    2. Gammas gonna gamma.

    3. It is always entertaining to see you blathering with absolute certainty and always, without fail, be as rude as you are wrong. Keep it up nurse Nancy, you are good comedy act.

    4. Isn't this the same clown who was crowing about the Russians busting out the T62 from storage as "see they're running out of tanks!"? Now claiming they'll never show up?

    5. And idiots gonna idiot.

      Reality is a stone bitch like that, Glen.
      If you'd stop beating your head against it so hard, it wouldn't leave you so bloody, stunned, and bag-of-hammers stupid all the time.

    6. And here we go again--with the MSM propaganda and misinformation from the 4-Star TV Mo-Mo's.

    7. You called it flat fucking wrong Aesop, and you better have the balls to f*cking admit it when the Ukraine gets steamrolled - which was a forgone conclusion pointed out by everyone who knew what they were talking when this jew-run sh*t-show started.

      You did not know what you were talking about. Stick to debridement and medications.

    8. It's hard to understand the Secret King of SoCal through his mask. All I can be certain of is that no matter what happens in the end, he will be right and you all will be wrong and he will spend months splaining to you as to why. Apparently our side is full of simps who love getting fisted by AMOGing blawghards entrenched in normieland cul-de-sacs full of griller patriots. But obviously not enough to keep him in his own AO. Droll.

    9. Warren V. DeCee28 March, 2023 09:14

      Anonymous, you sure have got Mr. "Ad Hominem" Aesop "pegged"! I quit reading his "seepage" long ago for exactly the reasons you state.

  14. Hobbes was a thumper gunner... who knew?

  15. The Soviets had an arms manufacturing theory they practiced called the monkey model.
    The fancy finished piece of equipment they produced in "peacetime" and the stripped-down-just-the-basics-wartime variant they called the monkey model. The kind of thing that came out of the business end of the tractor factory in Stalingrad and went right into battle during WW2.
    Not having seen a whole lot of what the Russ are using right now, but remembering how they produced in quantity before this whole thing kicked off, and considering they stopped export of heavy arms as soon as they realized in 2014 what was coming down the pike, I am fairly certain that they are going to stick to the russian historical model of not running out of the only quality they have, which is quantity.

    1. Correct. "Monkey models" were also for export to Soviet clients with less tech expertise, hence simpler maintenance needs. Often manual tranny instead of automatic, etc.

  16. For those who don't know, armor is rather, eh, monolithic in it's ability to be stored. The fine pieces parts inside, not so much. So, first thing is you drag the hull into a stripping shop, demount the turret, pop the wheels off, remove all the hinged pieces parts, yank the power plant and strip every fixture and feature out of the hull.

    Then you hang it off a crane or sit it in a big room and shot-blast the ever-living copulation out of said hull. Fill in all the holes as needed, repeat with all the hinged pieces parts, and then start assembling, just like a giant model.

    We (the US) have a plant where a clapped out M1 goes in and basically comes out as the latest bestest vintage M1xyzpdqups. The Russians have the same.

    So, yes, the Russkies can rebuild them, make them better, faster, more powerful.


    If they have all the fine pieces parts that go in said hull. Bolts, fixtures, pipes, wire, gauges, machines, controls, tanks, coin changers, ammo bins, seats, storage bins etc. And functioning guns and ammo.

    That's the real question. Yes, the Russians have the plants and the hulls, but do they have the pieces parts? Do they have the trained machinists and fitters and parts jockeys and and and? Do they have the personnel to man the tanks?

    We will only see.

    Is there an exodus of military-age men for both the army and for the factories? Yes. Is it bad enough that the Russkies are running out of military-age men? Dunno.


    Because the Russians lie. They lie about everything. Longtime before they were the USSR, outright lying to even your parents was and is a major 'racial' trait of the Russians. These are the people who brought us the phrase "Potemkin's villages" (that is literally fake villages that you move in the middle of the night to the next location so the ruler reviewing said villages thinks everything is a-okay with the land when in fact it isn't'.)

    Do the Russians have the capability to pull all new armor sets out of their asses? Yes. Will they do so? Who knows.

    Though the Norks, for copulation's sake, are becoming Russia's ammo supplier. Russia can't supply it's ammo needs anymore. That's something that may be more indicative of what we may see about the armor rebuild issue.

    Only time will tell.

    1. I'm no tanker, but before deploying on SFOR 11, I got trained on the M-60 PANTHER.

      So Russia provides the tanks, Norks the ammo, and IRAN provides the drone mechanism?

      Get that right, and you can have auto-loading robot tanks for days.

      Kind of complicates things if both sides have wunderwaffen, nichts?

    2. "Though the Norks, for copulation's sake, are becoming Russia's ammo supplier."

      Russia is not trading (directly) with the West. They are trading with those who are willing to ignore the sanctions. "Trade" implies exchange of something you have. What do the Norks have to trade for except ammo?

    3. North Korea has the largest concentration of artillery on the planet. Making rounds isn't high tech, they are probably damn good at it and sure are a paranoid bunch- whole country has been on POW rations for decades to turn North Korea into a fortress, and you think they wouldn't love some Russian support and companionship for the low price of a million rounds of arty?

      I laugh at the same logic regarding crap like smart phones, "It's all made in China". Well yeah, because we have better things to do here than put cell phones together for slave wages. Russia has better things to build than dumb iron shells, let the NorKs do the shells while Russia ramps up Kalibr production, savvy?

    4. If they handle it anything like the SKSs I got from Yugoslavia, it might take a month to get the thing cleaned up and recommissioned, but it sure as fuck won't be rusted.

  17. Nice homework assignment.
    The US can't even produce enough 5.56 small arms ammo to get thru a few goatherder wars (we bought tons more from Germany, Israel and Canada) and now we think we'll take on Russia, China and whatever of their allies jump aboard, we are definitely led by the short bus crowd. And somehow they think lobbing some nukes into the equation will make Russia beg for mercy. And yet, that seems like the easy way out for these mental midgets, they've robbed the treasury blind, jabbed us to death and need a way out of being held responsible by anyone that survives this shitstorm. It's not about the tanks, I think they're going to go for it, all the marbles or nothing, after all, they have no other way out anymore.

    1. one big reason why we don't make ammo like we used to is the EPA. they have shut down lead smelting plants in this country. lead used to be cheap. not so anymore.
      same thing with all types of mining. the EPA killed a lot of factories here with rules
      they came up with out of their asses. we need to make iron and steel again HERE.
      and the peanut clown's DEPT of ED killed off the schools and made them into what they are now. a nightmare of woke bullshit.
      and I think you are right about them doing anything to hide from what they have done
      makes me wonder why the last "bill" passed by congress had 2.5 million for their security in it. they are destroying our country before our eyes.
      I not sure we going to make it to 2024 anymore.

  18. Thanky, Bro! Good read. Mebbe "The Vladster" and STAVKA got some thoughts about wham-bam pouring those 'oldies-but-goodies' into said current unpleasantness at the double-quick, and keepin' the "top shelf shit' offline for now. Reason being: if NATO/USA/UK join the fray--THEN the Rooskies add the modern sheet to the recipe. Just an old (very old) ground pounders thoughts. Keeping the best for last or the best punch close to the vest idea.

  19. The Wonder Weapons aren't going to be deployed until it's Russia Vs America for realz as in no "middle" man. I suspect that the initial barrage of that will be over before anyone knows it even started.

  20. The Russians are not going to let us pull the ol' ceasefire so we can rearm scam. Been there done that. No more staging grounds for Uncle Sam. They're going to occupy all of Ukraine because they have to. Once they occupy, and they will, why the fuck would they use state of the art tanks in rear areas?

  21. I guess they needed Tritium for those H-bombs. Halflife is around 12 years, so it needs replacing regularly. You can extract it from the cooling water of presurised nuclear reactors, but it is not simple.

    1. Pump it out of the bottom of the Savannah river.

  22. Was wondering if you knew about Holston. Between that, The Eastman plant in Kingsport, Oak Ridge, Watts Bar (2x newest electron cookers in the FUSSA), EastTN gonna glow...

  23. Excellent.

    But - This is nothing new; actual bonafide military experts were telling us this would happen a year ago. Crime thinkers like you, Bracken, Macgregor, Ritter… And - here we are. Again. Our leaders look stupidly at each other wondering who to throw under the bus and pin the blame on. The Kraine lies in ruins. Their military is destroyed. Fags like Aesop are forced to recant and pretend they never said the things they did. Why, Putler would LOVE to see Brads and Abrams in the Kraine! The Russians have been studying those things for 20 years and they will scrap them if you send them. This farce has gone on long enough. There are no wonder weapons.

    Call me a conspiritard, I don’t care: America is at war because Putler committed the unforgivable sin: he kicked the fuggin jews out of Russia’s financials, tied the Ruble to the gold standard, and is building an honest marketplace for real investment for all parties to earn a buck. He did all that at great cost and expense. Others will follow suit. And this is anathema to Globohomo Inc. America got greedy and stupid and it will pay the Piper.

    That’s why they spun up the jew media. They told normie Americans that the Russians were stupid, they were drunken incompetents and would be crushed within two weeks. And millions of morons like Aesop bought it. Why not? Challenge him to show his work…and all he has to do is parrot what he reads on MSNBC. The pretty lies tell him that he’s a patriot and an invincible freedom fighter and he gets to pose as a hero. They got him by his ego and they’ll lead him to wherever they need a useful idiot. It’s really fascinating to watch.

    Apropos of nothing in particular… This particular idiot came out of the closet AGAINST the 2A patriots in Pennsylvania when they protested their gun grabbing governor. Right now he’s defending Alec Baldwin’s negligent murder of a stage hand: he’ll throw 2A patriots under the bus, and defend the rights and freedoms of shitbags that will lie, steal and cheat to deprive you of yours. Yep…you’re a real hero, Aesop. Keep up the good work!

    I have no doubts at all at this point. The crime thinkers are telling us the Russians will junk the tanks if they’re sent in. The self proclaimed heroes and experts think 15 Abrams will rout 300,000 Russians and heavy armour. Even Aesop can do math like that. But…send them in!

    1. Long ago I learned to ignore the fellow you mentioned. Something about feeding trolls. Pay him no mind, he just likes to hang with the people he wishes he was more like.

      Putin figured it out way back when. As soon as he paid off his IMF debt (2005), started buying gold(2008), began working on a SWIFT replacement (2014), stopped export sales of heavy weapons(2014) rebuilt nuke shelters for civilians and started conducting drills (2016) etc. you could tell he had seen how good the promises of NATO were. Anyone analyst with a brain could have seen it too, but that whole Educated Yet Idiot thing gets in the way I guess. I remember our promise to not expand NATO, and watched and wondered each time we broke it how long it would take for the piper to show up.

    2. aren't you being a bit tough on Aslop? yes, he's mostly wrong, but, he still knows some shit.. carry on

      tfA-t will have his 300 million

    3. Rant on, Glen.
      Shitburgers for miles and miles are yours for the swallowing, from here to the horizon.
      Only a couple weeks to the one-year anniversary of "Two Weeks To Flatten Kiev!"
      Won't that be nice?

    4. Aesop is a talented writer and storyteller, really lives up to his name. He has published some gems on his site, and really should write a book about his adventures in the ER, on the set, in the Corps, and beyond. I'd buy a copy. If I'm ever busted up, I would hope it's near the hospital where he works--guy seems like he has the right stuff clinically. I don't doubt he's a helluva ER nurse.

      As an analyst of world events...well, he's a helluva ER nurse. Calls more wrong that right, gets pissy and defensive and insulting when challenged, and is about as deep as a puddle and insightful as a blank page. Calls people out for making him butthurt, then mocks others for the same. His ad hominems are sometimes brilliantly witty and barbed, but they don't make up for his poor analysis.

      His music taste, however, is impeccable.

      I'll still read him regularly, but I ignore most of what he writes outside the areas where he rally shines.

  24. Cuts thru all the nonsense

    1. Thanks for that Pat. Col McGregor always nails it and it's hard to argue with his qualifications.

  25. Ol' Remus used to muse ... "Good enough, and plenty of it."

    I miss Ol' Remus.

  26. Yeh I had that experience at work, a critical FAA Radar went down , replacement parts are older then some of the people repairing them , one had Vacuum Tubes connected to a system with 1960's era solid state circuit boards that were fed into a system with 1980's era micro processor boards . surprisingly the system worked . This country's infrastructure is being held together with bailing wire , duct tape and super glue. Institutional knowledge loss is going to be a bitch most of us system engineers still working are 60 plus . Things will work until they cant and that time is rapidly approaching. This problem goes way beyond dot Mil, crumbling infrastructure is going to be our undoing way before the Canned sunshine gets used. We are becoming Argentina with Nukes.

  27. Aesops Fables are always good for a chuckle.

    1. Aesop is correct on some issues--but on the big picture, big ticket issues he has been dead wrong. Wrong about the Covid hoax. Wrong about some important strategic liberty movement issues. And especially wrong about siding with the Ukrainians in this war. He does not grok "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" concept. Putting all of Putin 'is the devil and the world's boogeyman' rhetoric--the one thing Putin is doing, is that he is confronting our main enemies in our own government. Like many people in the liberty movement--they seem to default to 'Stockholm Syndrome' posture of siding with an opponent as long as it is wrapped in an American flag. The outcome of the war in Ukraine will be a Russian victory (highly likely) and the outcome for the zipper heads in DC will be total and complete embarrassment and discredit. This is something no one in this country or movement has been able to accomplish. We know our military is in a shambles run by incompetent 4-Star Mo-Mo's, fags and lesbians. Ditto for our political class. What is needed now is a defining event to pull the curtain back on them--as was done in the Wizard of Oz.

    2. So you figure COVID was all hoax, and the third- and fourth-generation ripples, had no effect on you, like I told you and told you it would be the far bigger problem with it, huh? Interesting.

      The enemy of my enemy is my enemy's enemy. Nothing more. Nothing less.
      Somebody tried it your way: FDR.
      Sided with Russia. International Socialism versus National Socialism.
      So, how did that clever plan pan out for ya?

      You get that the Uniparty runs DC. Now go a step farther, and get that the Uniparty wants to run the world. Liberty is anathema to them, at any level.
      I'll cheer on anybody who's sticking a finger in The Man's eye, and kicking him right in the dick. Here or There.
      You guys are the frog, wanting to give the scorpion a free ride across the river.

      Putin's just trying to reform a bastard conglomeration, at his neighbor's expense. That helps no one but Vlad and his cronies. Which is certainly not you.
      His ally is China.
      I suppose they're your buddies too, with your best interests at heart, just like Vlad?? Or, not so much?

      You guys keep wanting to have this both ways, and then when it doesn't work out, and blows up in your face again and again, you want to blame Reality for not conforming to your fervent wishcasting.

      Best wishes with that plan.

  28. i saw a documentary once where in the zoologists flying over siberia in pursuit of some endangered whatnot came over a huge field of armor. parked dress right dress in the middle of no where, hundreds of miles from the nearest town. it took them 30 minutes to cross it, at 150 knots, and they couldn't see either side from hundreds of feet up. vlad uses the old tanks to draw fire, forcing the ukes to use up their atm's, then put in the t90's. sure vlad got caught flat-footed, that happens when you haven't been in a fight for decades. but he's picking himself up off the floor and there will be a fight. and yeah, the chermans were having trouble donating a squadron of leopards, b/c they had to repair them first. no parts, no motivation has left them practically disarmed. only our nukes stand in ivan's way.

  29. This guys blog is good. He sticks to what he knows and he knows a lot. I wish you would bring back the vidya feeds. Those are better because you are grittier in them and drink beer

  30. Very important piece, pointing out that Ivan's history from "The Great Patriotic War" led them to keep all the old stuff "for a rainy day" when you find yourself in a long, grinding war of attrition. They did something similar with most Soviet-era industry, they made it dual-use. The tractor factory has a tank line where they turn out mostly tractors during peacetime. During wartime, they flip over to mostly making tanks, under the same roof, with the same workers. They bring in kids and retirees and crank up production. Same with most factories: dual use, parallel lines, able to flip from making industrial parts or consumer goods to military parts in a matter of weeks or months. Russia has been doing that conversion for the past year. The clothing factory is now making uniforms, etc etc. We have nothing similar in our MIC paradigm. A company is given a contract to make X arty shells or fighter jets, and that's it. Contract is completed, often the plant is closed and the workers disperse to the winds. Russians were always thinking dual use, dual use. Tractors to tanks is just the classic example, it's the Russian way of thinking about winning a long war of attrition.

  31. I just mashed "send" on the dual use factory comment but forgot to switch from anonymous to me.

    1. I enjoyed your books. Regards from Palatka

    2. Admiral Bracken: take a look at the videos on GLP showing Ukrainian use of chemical weapons on Russian soldiers. Here's a link where several Twitter videos have been posted. I'd publish them here, but don't know how to imbed them.


      I saw other videos on Twitter of a Ukrainian soldier showing off grenade canisters attached to remote drones. In the drop video--pay attention to the second grenade dropped and the color. It is identical to the ones on display in the other videos. It obviously shows a chemical nerve agent being employed. Soldiers go into convulsions immediately and drown in a shallow stream they are crossing. If this is indeed a chemical attack--and if Putin realizes this is happening... what then to expect? I can only think of one word--total doom. Okay, that's two words.

      Your opinion and that of chin-drooling Big-Country would be welcomed.

    3. "Chin-Drooling"? Say again? Are we -looking- for the ban-hammer? Call that your only warning...

    4. I say that will all love--and a lot of kidding. Actually your blog is a must read for me. it is sometimes gut-busting funny shit... mostly gut-busting funny shit that is. So what do you say about these chemical vids posted by the "Kraines" as you would put it. Just to let you know, there was a major Ivan break though today that will encircle Bakhmut.

    5. Interesting: Those cheap quadcopters haven't got the lift to float *real* munitions. Their payload has been largely harassment. Real explosives are carried by fixed wing internal combustion engine drones. Nerve agents might be a fair bit lighter you'd think...... maybe a quad could manage...

    6. Wow. That's an awful lot to dig into right there. Attractive, but I know better. That level of detail would not be tollerated in this subthread. Aesop: Debate. it's not what you do.

    7. Straight up: Aesop is often right, and can be inspiringly so. He even argues, often persuasively. But he does *not* debate. When he is inspiring, he can be glorius from a podium, but in dialog, ad hominums are his forte.

  32. Funny how some sites that have mostly been faithful to reality in the past, just wont let go of the fact Russia will steam roll the Ukraine and Nato. Its almost as if said sites/blogs are in someway loosely controlled by our powers that be. Any assessments i have seen by former us military leadership and Nato, that are Not on the grift, all paint a sobering picture if what is really going on. At this point i would say , sit back and watch what occurs. Remember those who refused to look at all sides and reality in the matter. Get your news, facts from many sources.

    1. No they won’t nor can they ever. We have many places full of relics from the past and that’s because of the boomers not throwing away stuff. We will match the red scare piece for piece and uncork the small business model. Why do you think there has been a war on small businesses, small farms, small anything, that is a threat to the military industrial complex. Ramping up tooling in a large plant like Ford did to build planes for World War II is not possible, but there’s a lot of small shops that are capable of making a lot of parts That do not need that huge lead time. I have been driving truck for 42 years. I have been picking up and dropping off rate at these small mom and Pop shops all over the country for years. All you have to do is wander into a small town and start asking around and everything that I’ve just told you will be true and make sense . The Russians have a lot of old stuff but they do not have a bottomless pit, nobody does call match them all tank per old tank. By the way, building a Sherman from scratch it’s a lot easier than the M1.

    2. Fun fact, we cant even replicate the manufacturing process for a Sherman tank anymore. Sold off and shut down the equipment needed. Sad considering its mostly just poured steel.

    3. I understand the same is true of the Saturn V rocket of Apollo fame. The mechanical drafting blueprints were all tossed out.

    4. Senor Musk showed the world that .GOV building rockets costs 10x to make a throwaway while Elon keeps re using his tubes...... successfully.

      And he is also making electric cars.... successfully, simultaneously

      And he has made a tunnel boring company...successfully, simultaneously.

      Contrast to central planning buffoonery by the communist controlled USA and Russia.

      Graft, incompetence and idiocy everywhere.

      And yet individuals can do wonderful work.
      We live in interesting times indeed.

  33. “Show your work”=look at the company you share in your support of Ukraine.

    1. Look at the company you keep with those attacking Ukraine: KGB Vlad, his toadie in Belarus, Syria, India, Iran, the Norks, and Xi's China.
      That's quite the list of Besties you've assembled on your side there.
      All you're missing from the Hall of Shame are the dick-taters KIA/DOA: Khadaffi, Saddam, Castro, and Idi Amin.

    2. The funniest thing about Aesop holding a candle for Ukraine is that there are actual straight up Nazi's there in control. It's almost as if Nazi is just a slur to control any Westerner who might object to their children having their genitals mutilated?

      I guess some are still smarting about the Soviet Union collapsing and driving out the Bolsheviks

    3. I don’t get down with, rinos, communist,democrats, globalist, pedophiles, money launderers, or bioterrorist, etc. sometimes the enemy of your enemy is worse than your enemy but you do you.

  34. Yea, but a lot of this is based on the theory that Ivan is competent and not as corrupt as we have seen in other sectors.

    The other is, of course, supply chain.

    Ivan doesn't actually have the ability to manufacture the thermal sensors or access to the electronic components to assemble them.

    And don't just use the "they'll just get it from China" excuse. China doesn't make all of the components and none of the most advanced ones.

    Hell, they couldn't make ballpoint pens without importing the actual ball bearings until 2017.


    I just don't see that Ivan has the ability to start a second front or the logistics to support it.

  35. Well, Aesop believes that Russia destroyed the Nord Stream pipelines so there you go. This in spite of Victoria Nuland all but bragged about it happening.

    You can talk about the minutia but look at the track record of the neocons. They fail miserably with all of their military adventures. The smart bet is that they will fail in this one as well.

    1. Well sometimes AESOP is wrong and dead wrong (often lately on big issues)--but when he is right, he is very right. In this case with the pipeline he rode that story down, like a Kamikaze pilot--throttle up, stick forward, aim for the deck of the aircraft carrier. Now the truth of the story is beginning to break that it was in fact the USA who sabotaged the Nordstream Pipeline. As this story broke today... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11727691/U-S-carried-Nord-Stream-bomb-attack-secret-plan-led-Joe-Biden-report-claims.html

  36. This article is like the one you did about Miss Daisy's S&W 4th change M&P. She's got it in her house, not waiting for an on order Glock 19 to show up. Yeah, it's old, slow with a limited payload. But are you going to be the one to go down range and catch a few with your fielders glove? You know, just asking for a friend.......

  37. Oh and that "highly classified" nuc gas is Tritium(H3).

    And yes it's very rare and expensive.

    When it degrades it changes to helium-3, which does the opposite of what tritium does for boosting fission devices.

  38. Yes. The Russians have some fancy T-14 tanks that are probably at least as good as anything the west builds. But they aren't using them in the current brawl. The truth is a round from any main battle tank or artillery piece in the right place will kill any new tank.

    1. Both armies are fighting like late WW1 with tanks as dispersed mobile infantry support. They grapple for weeks and months to control ridges, road junctions and railroad hubs. The advancements in target identification coupled with precise, timely, and accurate fires has negated traditional armor employment as a shock, breakthrough, and mobile encirclement asset. Given this accidental recreation of the WW1 conumdrum, it makes sense to feed the old T-62's in . The newer anti armor weapons NATO is supplying will be consumed killing the old stuff and the new tanks can be held back for a possible return to mobile warfare if the Ukrainians break. The same rule applies to the Ukies getting the older Leopard 1's, except they are in a worse manpower and logistics situation and are less likely to see beneficial results.

  39. I think where Aesop is wrong, is I believe Russia is willing to sacrifice more than the west for their goal.

    1. I believe Vlad is. I doubt Russia is.
      They're already voting with their feet, crossing borders and jumping out of windows to avoid Vlad's cobbled-up nonsense. Ivan On The Street can smell bullshit from the State better than anyone, from long experience.
      That's why I think Vlad knows if he pushes too hard, he ends as a splatter on the Kremlin wall, with a gaping hole where his brains used to be. Which gets announced as a "tragic stroke". (Which, technically, is indeed, a "cerebrovascular accident". Of the 9mm-in-the-earhole variety, but ya gotta work with the hand you've got for PR purposes, amirite?)

    2. So you are saying that all of the anti-wars have taken off or been taken off, and only the loyal remain? Do you ever consider the completion of your theories?

    3. I would argue that the Russian goverment has more hardliners than not and the next in the line of sucession is the PM Mediv (

  40. I think Vlad is pissed off and has just decided to roll over Ukraine. Hope the current fucktards in charge aren’t stupid enough to use a tactical nuke. Or that someone in the chain of command has the clarity to just say no.

  41. Aesop is a fucking idiot. The idea that Russia blew up it own pipeline for virtue signaling points has to be one of the most ridiculously retarded ideas ever . Given we live in clown world, that says something. You out clowned Clown world General Aesop.

    Russia is 111,000 square kilometers bigger now than when it started a year ago. Only in the clown world of retarded, mouthy Baby-boomers is that a loss.

    1. Look at the whole board.
      It's also 200,000 troops and 1500-2000 tanks lighter than it was a year ago, slick.
      That's a sizeable hunk of their imaginary combat power, feeding worms and buzzards, and rusting on the Ukrainian steppes.
      As their army moves backwards, not forward. They shot their whole wad last summer. Now we'll see what their regeneration timeline is, and what utility 60-year old tanks are. Someday.
      Based on the cripples and retards they drafted last time out, I wouldn't get my hopes up.

    2. Says who? Some Pentagon fag in a dog mask? Ukrainian John Stewart? A fat angry eurofeminist who thinks she is a defense secretary?

  42. I think the worst thing about Ukraine commentary is the amount of people that believe their own bullshit. You can tell straight away the guys that know other guys that know guys in intelligence or the military. That last group are the gatekeepers. You know how I know?

    The all say the same things the same way. Things Aesop says. Things that observably wrong.

    But the most casual look-see into any of these matters and you can find that things are the exact opposite. Hell, just pay attention to what clown world is saying it's ownself - it'll be months and months before they see a lot of the gear we promised. And for sure, it'll get wrecked like the last stuff we sent them. You think the Russians don't know where that gear is at any time? It's kind of hard to hide.

    I think Russia's come a long way. FFS, we were catching rides to the space station on Russian rockets because NASA prefers to affirm mooslims for inventing maths rather than building our own. We know they have better newer gear, but are choosing not to use it. They've done this since day one.

    Meanwhile, I don't see any vidya of Russians training up their teenagers and women to replace combat dead like I've seen from Ukraine. I haven't seen Russian piles of meat near trees - the locals and mee-maws they gave AKs and rocket launchers to, having been cut to ribbons.

    Tis all out there.

    Those with eyes ought to see.

    1. Read better.
      I just told you neither side will be getting anything for months and months.
      And both sides' shite will get wrecked, like the last batches. That's why it's called war. And the enemy always gets a vote.

      So, where's the "vidya" of Russians marching forward from triumph to triumph?
      Beuller? Ferris Bueller...?? Anyone...???
      No? Nothing?

      So who's "believing their own bullshit" now, TD?

      You got firsthand evidence? Lay it out. Show your cards.

      I see Vlad pissing himself because months from now, western tanks will show up in Ukraine. Knowing that years from now, he'll be able to refurb a few hundred 70-year-old legacy tanks. And he can't hit those western tanks with Iranian drones, because they move faster than pre-plotted transformers.

      So what's your hole card for that? Show, or fold.

  43. Oh, and what Glen Filthie said.
    An Abrams not in the field isnt worth fuck all.

  44. Navy side, but about that new all-American wonder tech...
    Talk about lost skills, reading this I picture the greatest generation with slide rules building better.

    Steve S6

    1. Lastly, it's been a few days but the krains started conscripting Hungarians from the SW portion of the country. It pissed the hungarian goobermint off, I think they have since ceased doing that. They are desperate for warm bodies if that's true.

  45. I bet Ivan has a shit load of 115 tank rounds IN STORAGE, these T62 will be fine for pillboxes and
    back security. Also, it gives an impression of weakness, ideal for sucking in the marks, like
    General aesop

  46. I agree with most of the comments.
    We Germans once had between 2200 and 2800 MBTs and now we are left with 200 to 300.
    And according to a newspaper we have only enough ammo for two to three days. And then we would need about 6 months to get our stockpile for 2 days fighting.

    Yes, we believed - like the entire West - the BS of McKinsey - Just in time, no big inventory etc - and now it is biting us where it hurts.

    While two of my family members had very bad encounters with russians (yes, WWII) because of one nice russian field medic I exist. If not for her one of the relatives would have been executed because a russian officer was drunk as a skunk, fell down a couple of stairs, died and the rest of the Russians thought this was the work of german resitance fighters aka Werwolf.

    And to supply: there is a nice article about it. Yes, it is about pasta making machines, but it is also valid for everything else. Once you outsource and no longer produce it yourself, you loose the knowledge and are at the mercy of the one who didnt.


    Alex Lund

    1. Beide meine Onkel liegen ihrgendwo in Russland, Leningrad u Moskau gegend. Die ganze familie verschwunden in Konigsberg. Mein Vater kampfte in Russland u Frankreich, gefangenlager bei den Amis. Mein Opa kampfte auch in Russlanf gengend den Tzar.
      Und jehzt fangen sie alles wieder an, die toten wahren alles fur nichts. Wannsihn.

  47. Isn't Aesop the guy who believes the Russians blew up the Nord Stream Piplines?

    1. Yes. https://raconteurreport.blogspot.com/2022/09/as-crazy-as.html

  48. I would love to re-write this article without the colloquialisms. There is some gold here, hidden by the writing style.

    1. Knock yerself out dude, even a blind hog can find an acorn sometimes.

  49. For a change I’ll try a different tack and use some of Martyanov’s points.

    Russians make their own steel, aluminium, titanium and any other metal they want or need. Russians extract all the oil and gas they want, refine it and/or sell it.

    They design and build nuclear power plants from scratch. They can build small modular civilian reactors. They have closed the ‘fuel cycle’ and can now reuse spent fuel rods in their latest reactors. They also build nukes.

    They design and build their own planes, engines and electronics – both civil and military.

    Russians build entire ranges of missiles with multiple ranges, speeds and warheads from air-to air to ICBMs. They have an active and commercially viable space program.

    They build tanks and tractors and cars and ships and icebreakers and anything else they feckin’ well want.

    Can you imagine the teachers, scientists, engineers, metallurgists, electricians, machinists, technicians among others that it requires to make those? Add the stockpiles and factories so well described above.

    The Russians don’t give a flying feck any more what we think. The sight of German tanks rolling across the ‘Kraine to face their Army in combat AGAIN has sealed our collective fate.

    1. Russian universities are fill with students seeking real education. I doubtvthey have many, if any, degrees that end in "Studies"

  50. Search: "top putin ally says he 'will not hide' intention to invade poland any more"
    News story from yesterday.

    RUS viewing UKR as just one front (and a minor one) in a greater conflict explains much... don't throw first tier assets critical for maneuver warfare into a 2nd tier battle.

  51. There's another situation to consider. Ivan doesn't just have the fight to worry about. He also has to worry about the occupation. If Russia anticipates rolling over all of Ukraine shortly, Ivan is going to want to park a tank platoon in every town. It doesn't need to worry about force on force. It needs to be a handful of tanks that are relatively impervious to small arms and can scare the shit out of Yokel Boris.

    1. Or those Ukranians are pushed over the border to become the EU's problem

    2. Nah. Labor will be needed.

  52. Hey, there's a reason "Quantity has a quality all its own" is widely attributed (or perhaps misattributed to...guess who. Go on, guess.

  53. First. The UA getting its hands on NATO tanks (mostly Leopards) is 110% politics. Its got fuck all to do with the type of war that is happening in UA at the moment. Which is almost all artillery / trench warfare with tanks acting as infantry support. Think Verdun 1916.

    The "Tank War" is all about isolating the German government and political establishment. Who would gladly see a couple of million dead Ukrainians if it meant the Germans could get back their very cheap natural gas and personal kickbacks from the RU oligarchs. Schroeder alone got many $10's millions.

    The whole - If only the Ukes stopped fighting this would all stop - is total bullshit. On one of the two main Russian state TV channels, Russia 1, the channel Putins supporters watch, presenters like Vladimir Solovyov have been screaming daily for not only wiping Ukraine off the face of the earth but to kill all Ukrainians will not acknowledge Russias political and cultural hegemony. Which is most Ukrainians. The Russians are talking genocide pure and simple. And have been pretty much from the start.

    And the Russians have a very long tradition of genocide. Almost as illustrious as the Turks. You only have to watch an hour or two hours of Russia 1 or Channel 1 RU before you will hear some eliminationist rhetoric. Its unrelenting. If "All Ukrainians are Nazis" and "All Nazis Must be Liquidated", therefor... And its usually not this subtle.

    And when they have killed all the Ukrainians the Russians have said very clearly the Poles are next. And the Poles like killing Russians even more than the Finns do. Who did it even more successfully than the Ukrainians are currently doing.

    Oryxs dead RU tank kill list shows just how many very old tanks are now being thrown into the front. 50+ year old tanks. The newer stuff is mostly gone. Those 1K plus lost tanks soon add up. The actual percentage of usable tanks (with a lot of work) in the Russian reserves is maybe 10%/15%. Max. And they need a lot of work. And even then they will just end up on Oryx dead list sooner rather than later.

    The fact that such a big deal in the RU state media was made about the Wagner capture of a small town at huge cost shows just how great the collapse of the RU military is. Pretty much all the original 160 BTGs are gone. The contracts guys are all getting out one way or another. So whats left is the mobiks too poor or too stupid to buy their way out of getting mobilized. And the daily "battle reports" on Channel 1 RU reflect this. They are losing. At huge cost. And the only reason they continue fighting is because what happens after they stop fighting is an even bigger cluster fuck inside Russia. Think East Prussia Spring 1945. For the Germans. Thats how bad the current Russian position is.

    You might be interested in this news report from early in the war. When RU TV still ran stories like this about a field repair unit. It being Russia "repair" mostly involves hitting things with hammers and cutting broken things off. And the newsreporter is totally fucking stupid in a very Russian way.


  54. Weather, weather, weather… that and a fuckton of bad roads, bridges unable to handle 70 tons of Abrams, fields that turn into a bog or swamp with a whimper of rain, crews with little or limited training, log packs having to use said bad roads (easy pickings for drones), and of utmost importance; weather.

    Spit Bubble admin can send a brigade’s worth of the latest and greatest iteration of the Abrams and they’ll only wind up being high dollar bunkers. Uke conscripts who ain’t gotta dog in the hunt will never make a decent tank crew. They’ll unass as soon as the rounds start flying or their buddy in the next door tank gets blown the fuck up cuz they were trying to lapload rounds leaving the ammo doors wide open.

    Combustible casings for the 120mm Rheinmetal main gun swell when they get too wet. Had a loader swinging from a handhold just above the main gun breech trying to shove a damp HEAT round into the breech with his size 11 tanker boot. After 5 minutes or so the breechblock finally closed. Had to use the master blaster to send round down range as it would not fire from triggers on Cadillacs.

    Yeah… ask the chermanz how will their panzer engines, hydrastics, and frool systems worked during Stalin’s winter. Engines froze because tolerance specs were… well, they were chermanz; too tight. T-34 engine pistons were so sloppy fitting in the cylinders they dint freeze. Wide-tracked vehicles designed and built by former tractor manufacturers are much better suited for Eastern European terrain regardless of the year model. Too, Russia's logistics tail is all landlocked. No having to fly parts in from across the pond.

    F’em all and feed em fish.

  55. so they're driving the old beaters during the low key part of the smo and are holding all of the whiz bang racy shit back for the big finish maybe? just an uneducated guess

  56. I read an article a long ways back, sort of in the 'can you believe this shit?' theme that was about Russian army dudes whose whole jobs was to maintain tanks in these depots. You know, check the fluids, fire them up, roll them forwards and backwards. Keep them exercised so to speak.

    The punchline was that these soldiers were the grandkids of the soldiers that originally manned these tanks.

    Personally, I thought it was cool that they weren't letting these machines go to waste.

  57. Big Country, I'm in calibration. About 10-12 years ago I spent a week working at Holston, mostly on their nitrogen-processing gear. I wonder if my old lab still has them as a customer, & if they've been getting a lot of business.
    The .mil does have their own cal techs, but when you get to factory-size, they contract it out.
    --Tennessee Budd

  58. A couple of things to add, first is that PDJT started the movement to onshore production of many things. Since we were cheated out of his second term this has slowed down but not stopped. A lot of engineering jobs advertised are for QA positions. These are only need if you are making stuff as opposed to buying in parts. Second, our engineering schools still make some great engineers. The woke brigade has taken aim at some of them but a white male graduate engineer is still going to be superior to many of the female and diversity students. (I teach at a major eng school) They will expedite the manufacturing revolution that was started under PDJT and accelerated by the shipping snafu of the Covid years. A lot of the need for tool and die guys was reduced by flat lasers, water jets and plasma cutters. Also 6 axis machining centers and 6 axis GMAW welders make tooling up for something easier than it sounds. There are also laser scanners that can ease reverse engineering difficulties and metal rapid prototyping that can make unobtainium parts. Just bring money. All these items are in small shops all over the country. I've been to China a bunch and to Europe mfg's and studied the German Tech Ed system and our students are better. Would I place a moratorium on Tech Ed to foreigners, in a heartbeat. It's not as bad as it seems but the current band of miscreants leading the country want to snuff out any advantage we still have left.

    Spin Drift

  59. Holy shit, check back and so much cope from Aesop. Name calling and personal attacks and fuck all evidence. Cope cope cope!

    1. Way too many comments about that clown.
      Focus, Soviet shit was made for Soviet levels of maintenance. You know conscripts who stole parts to get money to buy vodka so they could spend their days drunk.
      The Hind is a flying tractor, I remember the pilots used to smoke while flying us around. Hell in the morning they would just come out to the grass field/pasture where it was parked over night, hit it with the back of his pipe once or twice and then get in and start it up.
      For you builders out there, you know the AK is engineered with tolerances in the 100ths not 1000ths like our AR.
      I imagine a soviet tank could do a whole battle with near empty crankcase before seizing.
      Now contrast this with our stuff that freaks out if actually used for its purpose or isnt given a bath in goats milk every 72 hours.
      An artillery piece that gets "stress fractures"???
      Things are as fragile as some ones ego.

  60. Just so you know, Mr. Putin first name is Vladimir. The Russian male name Влади́мир (Vladímir) is never abbreviated as Влад (Vlad) in Russian; the common abbreviations are Воло́дя (Volódja) or Во́ва (Vóva). The Russian Влад (Vlad) is an abbreviation of Владисла́в (Vladisláv) or a name on its own.

    1. Thank you for the comment. I didn't know that.
      --Tennessee Budd

  61. Tanks for the memories.

  62. Aesop has usefulness entertaining the children. It's why we keep him around. This is a clear case of being wary of arguing with an idiot because onlookers cannot tell the difference. Signed formerly a huge fan of Recounteur.

  63. why make fresh tritium the old way when you have 92 comercial nuclear power plants just sitting around, humming along, and will eventually need new rods? they've been doing it for years. so maybe some of those 60 year old nukes might still go boom.



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