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Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Seems what's up with Ye Olde Eyeballs was a transient ischaemic attack (TIA), sometimes known as a mini-stroke...the blurred vison and all whatnot. I'm fine considering all the other shit I've weathered in Ye Short Time on Planet Mud. The issue was well on it's way to being resolved when the eye went from 'slightly bad' to 'cain't fookin see!'

Pisses me off that being right-eyeball dominant and it's now well and truly fooked.

So blurry that even it's 'out of range' to correct through my scopes and sights. 
So, as it got better, -something- else happened.
Got me a nice cataract forming.  Correctible, however a total piss-me-off.  Thankfully ALL dis shid is happening now rather than post-Zombiepocalypse Aye?  Also woke up with a WHANGER of a headache/toofus ache as I'm out of the Good Meds.  My issue is tolerance and size.  Scripting me pain meds by the puny hoomon scale just don't work.  I always try to explain to all the croakers I deal with that they need to do the medication dosages using the veterinary scales for a small pony dammit.

Instead I get enough that I'm always running out as puny hoomon dosages are a fucking joke to me.  Hence beer for breakfast lunch and dinner, as I can't 'do' solid food at all now.  Fuck it.  Tomorrow is "D-Day" and hopefully the Toofus Doc listens when I tell him to dose me to the gills for the surgery.  I already have MAD fear/issues stemming from bad bad experiences as a kid.

I was 7 years old, all bebe toofus out, brand new grill when MomUnit took me to the local Toofus Doc to have ye olde first cleaning of the new grill.  Guy comes out, tells MomUnit I got 12 cavities!!!!!!  3 on top, both sides, 3 on the bottom as well, both sides.  Now, this -should- have rung alarums and scarumas with MomUnit however, this's back in the earlier/mid 70s and docs, even dentists were highly regarded medical professionals.

$50 per toofus.  Drilled and Mercury amalgam Filled, over a period of like 12 weeks... one toofus per week.  Hurt like the fucking hammers of Hell pounding down on me, with me screaming and being held down by the dental assistant as it hurt that badly.  I started to shake each week during the ride there, dreading "torture time." MomUnit thought I was overly sensitive and being dramatic.

Not so fucking much.

Like 10 years later? or so Doctor Toofus Von Mengele was arrested for insurance fraud, and among the other charges that was revealed during the course of the investigation was he "...performing unneeded and unnecessary dental treatment(s) to unsuspecting patients, as well as not using pain numbing/anesthesia during the fucking procedures!!!!!!" (my bold and obscenity added)

12 fucking fake cavities
ALLLLLLL drilled and filled sans pain meds.  On a seven year old kid.
Sick Sick SICK Motherfucker.

And the worst, the HUUUUGE lawsuit, of which -I- should have been a party to?  It was rendered moot when the fucker took the coward's way out and vacated his casaba with a .38.  No idea what happened to his estate... I was told everything was gone and hey! Too bad, so sad, no soup for you.

No One ever apologized to me... no one has even acknowledged the whole debacle.  Any wonder I have trust and dental issues?

Jes' Sayin'

Yeah, so on the morrow I'm -again- placing my grill in the hands of a stranger (and God).  Ugh.  

So, slight change of pace...

Over at Peter's Place,  Bayou Renaissance Man his Sunday Music selection got me right in the feels man.  The theme from "The Last of the Mohicans"  'The Gael' is Wifey and My song if'n you will.  Lotsa folk think it's sort of ominous and whatnot.  Now, having -always- been a Clannad fan, Irish AF, (yeah yeah, I know it's Scottish but hey, same general area of operations Aye?)  So, besides the song being such a awesome romantic-war tune... I purely love the scene where Hawkeye gets free during the ambush and proceeds to kill. every. single. dude. between him and his woman Cora.

The pure unadulterated rage and determination of Hawkeye always struck a major chord with me.  Fucking PURELY Bad Ass.
Daniel Day-Lewis at his -finest- IMO.
Fucking mowing down motherfuckers left and right 

"'Scuse me, Pardon me, >whack!< >chop!< >knife'< hot soup comin' thru!"
Stacking Bodies Old School Style
LOVE that scene.

And the reason for it being me and Wifey's tune was it was at the Ren-Faire in Tampa, with us in full costume (me in my period kilt, down to the big bastard Claymore Sword and her in her 'wench' gear) that one of the TradCelt bands was knocking this one out and we started dancing to it.  First time I told her I loved her...

Ahhhhh good times.

Peter has like 6 different versions.  My personal fave out of all of them is the Brittany-Irish version from Breizh Pan Celtic.  TradAF.  Then, maybe 'cos I spent sooooo much time int he Middle East, the Yemeni version strikes a chord, in it's simplicity maybe?  Either way, I just managed to get Wifey out here and had her listen, which got her smiling, so's I stood up and started Dancing with her in the living room, with the Sausage Princess weaving between us and licking our legs... had to tell her to go lay down...

Stuff of Great Memories and Love.
She said I'm a 'hopeless romantic'
Nah... just an old broken down Green Grunt who appreciates the finer moments in life.  We only get so many days and then the Sky Pilot calls it a day, and switches your personal 'off' switch and it's done

Leastways here. 
No idea about the hereafter.
I can only hope that it's cool

Surgery AGAIN Tomorrow.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country
Thanks to WRSA


  1. The Gael has been my cell ringtone for years.

    Knew a guy when I was still doing history reenactments who would play it around the fire after the public has left and the bottles came out. Love it :)

  2. maybe another reason why your pain meds don't last as long is the fact you have 4 kidneys ?
    granted that does seem like a MAJOR plus at times. but not so much when you taking pain meds
    just a thought. just watch the OTC meds as they will trash your kidneys. and that is a pain you really do not want to have. besides, it will change what you eat afterwards too.
    it is hard to find a doc that will listen to you when it comes to pain meds. it seems like they all think we want to be junkies when all we want is be able to live without wishing we where dead
    from the pain some days.

  3. I had an unexpected root canal last week (No pain meds!) Good thing I had a bottle of Wife's oxy from last year. Tins; I had a similar eyesight event about eight years ago; Turns out I had some sever dental pain and frustration with dealing with front office. I couldn't see completely through left eye. Naturally, I forgot all about the dental stuff from a week or so before. I went to a specialist eye doctor, he did the dye thing (I don't want to remember THAT). after an hour or to of Puzz his puzzler, he asked me, "Have you had any stress over the past month?" I had forgotten my teef problems because eyes are more important. Anyway, my vision returned completely normal about two weeks later. I took a trip on my boat away from home and the stress went away. I hope you get the same results... Stay strong.

  4. The blood of the Scot runs in my veins. My dad was a B=17 pilot and flew 35 combat missions over Europe. This one calls to me as well--

    I wore braces upper and lower as a kid. A couple of the orthodontists were pretty ham handed. Nothing like what you went through but still...I hope all goes well for you tomorrow.

  5. OMFG re: the torture you went through as a kid at that maniac's drill! Sucks he took the easy way out; had it been my kid in that psycho's chair, the retribution would have been anything but financial, and definitely not swift.

    Maaan that last meme tho... reminds me of this song by Sabaton. "Few will fight for all until the bullets are gone!"

  6. The notes on my medical record says: ex drug user, moderate/heavy drinker. Higher dosage needed.

  7. That whole movie is one big testosterone rush. Best movie of the French and Indian War ever.

    Another testosterone rush is Mel Gibson in the Patriot. The scene where he and his children ambush the Brit patrol and Mel goes all tomahawky on said Brits. Oh so good.

    Good luck on the toofuses removal. Hoping for ya, man.

    1. I agree with Beans on the Patriot tomahawk ambush... brutal ! And there aren't enough movies about the French and Indian war. The music is soul stirring, play it as I wade into my enemies with an axe.

  8. Two different versions of the same tune: "The Parting Glass". Let me know which one you like better. If I was there, I'd raise a glass with ya to either version.


  9. A Transient Ischemic Attack is a bellwether event. A high order warning that a true stroke is on the way. And of all the health problems I see in people as they age strokes are THE WORST. Because if they don't outright kill you, which isn't that bad, they render parts of your body less useable, often useless. And NOTHING sucks worse than having to depend on somebody else to help you perform the most basic functions of wiping your own arse.

  10. I had the same thing happen to me back in the late 60s. Drill and fill with no 'caine. Have issue with dentists since. Never heard anything about fraud, though.

  11. BCE~ May sound silly, but if your hair/bread was red at any time in your life, that's the reason for your pain issues being controlled. Red Heads metabolize alcohol and pain meds at 2 to 4 times the rate. I can attest to that issue. It sucks even more when allergic to pain meds or when they don't work at all. Red

    1. I too can attest to that.

    2. Truth. Or at least it does appear so. Luckily there's a few anesthesiologists who finally acknowledge this may have merit.
      Funny thing is after 40, such hair as I have left started turning brownish rather than Bozo colored.

  12. One of your/our problems BCE is we are red heads, as I am, damn Celt oozing out our putrid pores. Red heads have a genetic mutation in being a red head and that it also has an effect on how we perceive pain in our nervous system. It takes a higher dose of analgesics and anesthesia to attain the same level of comfort and pain management as a common, boring blond or brunette or black haired and complexions. You need to let docs know and be insistent they increase the dosages accordingly to your mass and build. They generally dose to a puny 150 pound lightweight male that doesn't have the muscle and bone mass we do.

  13. "It was rendered moot when the fucker took the coward's way out and vacated his casaba with a .38"

    The I hope that the demons are making his life equally uncomfortable now.

  14. Just watch out if the dentist asks: “Is it safe?”

  15. Redheads are known to be fairly impervious to pain meds!

  16. I feel your pain vis a vis the dentist. I always had high anxiety, sometimes even blacking out in the chair after getting the Novocaine shot when going to the dentist. I finally found one who understood my anxiety; he was the same way. His solution was to prescribe me some tranquilizers to take before my visit.

    I still didn't like going to the dentist, but I didn't care. ;)

  17. I had also problems with dentists - till I was in the airforce. When I was in my regular unit we had a dentist who had the drawing of a painted smiling frog at the ceiling and while he was working you looked at the frog. That and he always made jokes with his assistant. They were talking about her boyfriends, car breakdowns etc. I was more laughing then feeling what he was doing in my mouth.
    Good times.
    And yes, The Last of the Mohicans - I hated it as a kid, couldnt understand it (the book). But the movie with Daniel Day Lewis: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And The Patriot: Yes, I must admit I even like the baddie played by Isaacs. Of course seeing his "reward": even more YES!
    And the meme of the dream of all men: Count me in.
    Alex Lund
    Alex Lund

  18. Good luck with the tooth. I spent 18 years in the Army. Regular trips to the Army dentist are mandatory. Of course, Army dentists are young and inexperienced. They get experience by practice, so every single time, they would poke around with the wire-on-a-stick until they found a little spot they could make it stick, then proceeded to drill, grind and fill. By the time I retired, my molars were little enamel cups filled with metal. The toothaches triggered migraines. I wanted them all pulled, but had a hard time finding a dentist to do it. Finally found a guy who whould pull the top ones, except for six good ones in the front, and make me a partial plate. One of the best things I've ever done.

  19. Pretty solid tweet you screenshot. We all hope there is some meaning in our death and dying while buying time for our loved ones? Nothing better. Surrounded by a pile of hot brass and dead commies.

    1. Not only commies, their helpers too of any stripe.

  20. Great movie.

  21. Have you tried asking your doc for some gabapentin for the pain? Lots of docs are prescribing it in lieu of opiods to help with nerve pain. It's cheap and might be worth a look...


    Another version of the Parting Glass. Love her voice, and the harmonies.

    And one from the Troubles

    I’ve always had little to no problem getting dental treatment - had a very kind fellow treating me as a kid. Had a couple of minor things done without local (12 year old boys can be pretty dense) but that’s my fault. I don’t see many kids in my shop - if they’re seeing me it’s because they’ve a cleft palate or pediatric tumor and I’m the last stop on their way to recovery. There’s plenty of meds available to help an apprehensive little one, and not exercising that level of compassion is heinous and totally unnecessary.
    Such also existed when you were young BC. Sorry it stuck with you, and that the jerk just used you.

  23. I know your experience with Dentists, I have had 17 teeth pulled (8 baby and 9 adult). The babies were done when I was 5, went into the dentist, put under and wake up in the Chebby Biscayne wagon with a mouth full of blood and gauze where my teeth used to be. Next up was 4 adult canines pulled to make room for the others that were going to be yanked around by braces. Got Novocaine in the roof of the mouth for that. No prenumbing in the 60's, you took it like a man. I was 9.

    Next was braces on the installment plan. $20 a week and one tooth was done. Took six months to get all the bands in and then the wires were attached. Hurt like a mother for 3 days. The highlight was when he slipped driving the left front tooth band on and the drift/chisel went up under my nose from the inside. Bled like a stuck pig from that. When the braces came off two years later, there were 11 cavities under them. The old dentist moved so the new guy didn't use novocaine but speed, he'd be in and out before you felt a thing. And people wonder why I have trust issues.

    Didn't go back to the dentist for ten years after that. Finally found a Saint that worked well, waited for the novocaine, had soft hands and explained everything he was going to do. Have moved three times since and have been able to find good guys in the new locals. Send the Pretty Wife in first to scope out the abilities of the new tooth wrangler. I'm no dummy. They are all horrified at what was done to me as I explain why my teeth are so eff'd up. And I Bogart the extra Oxy for just when something comes up like back to back abscesses about a month apart after getting covid the first time. And yes I was a red head as a kid. So I really feeeeeel your pain. Have a good time tomorrow.

    Spin Drift

    1. "I already have MAD fear/issues stemming from bad bad experiences as a kid."

      Ooof. Bad memories around that sort of thing. Turns out I have a badly misplaced nerve in my jaw. Long story short, when I was 16, I ended up getting two impacted wisdom teeth broken up with hammer and chisel *without anesthestic," because they kept shooting the juice into the "right" places, but unfortunately the nerve they needed to hit was in the wrong place. I didn't find out until years later what had really happened.

      "You may feel a little pinch or some pressure...?" Really? Where's my gun?

  24. Yeah, my dentist as a little kid was brutal but we three boys never wailed like the other little kids, never understood why. Then we all said the same thing after visiting the jr. adult dentist, "Mom I never knew a dentist could be gentle, even when the injection was needed he would jiggle the cheek and we never felt the insertion. Always there are good doc's and bad doc's

    Big fan of Wes Studi myself and his body of work.

    Bear Claw

  25. Same problem here with the dentists. I was about 11 , in for the usual checkup stuff when a cavity is noted. The asshole of a dentist was in a hurry and didn't wait long enough for the Novacaine to work. Fucker got a right to his jaw when he failed to believe me. He waited after that ,finished the job and flagged my file.

  26. BCE~ Had cataracts in both eyes on top of being blind as a bat. Good thing about the surgery is the new lenses that were inserted were corrected to as close to 20/20 with blue light filters for glare. Get the lenses for Distance , then glasses for driving/ Sun glasses. Distance on top and near for the Dash. The Computer for the Monitor and Keyboard. I know it is 3 pairs but being able to see clearly is a blessing. Plus hitting the target again is wonderful. Red

  27. sufferred under many theiving lieing cheating doc holliday level yankers ...
    learned to save all the teeeth they pulled, it made them VERY careful...
    still have all my teefs in a plastic case so i never forget how truley evil drs/dentists are...
    it got so bad that i didn't even need pain meds for extrctions...
    i hated being numbed out...
    used to make my last dentist nervous as all get out, he couldn't believe what he was seeing /doing...
    i wish i could include a picture of the display case but i would most likely get banned...

  28. Brother, good luck with the dental shit, is no fun at all.

  29. Get a MRI if possible

  30. Happy Stalingrad Day! Hang tough and stronger you have grown.
    They give ya Fentanyl for cataract surgery and you can see the screen of what's going on using peripheral.
    Tramidol and all that other horseshit is worthless, opiates work.
    Got all my fillings fixed at geto dental when the local place was charging $3000 Dr. G did it for $600.

  31. Pro Tip on TIAs:
    Just like little earthquakes warn you that you live on a fault line, and a Big One is coming someday, a TIA can be Nature's way of warning you that if you don't get your $#!^ together, you're headed for a stroke. Spelled CVA.
    If you're not a fan of uncontrollable drooling, eating through a G-tube, and one-sided paralysis, you might maybe want to find you a good neurologist for a come-to-Jesus meeting, to see what they counsel.

    Your call.

    Personally, I think you're fun to have around, and there's both a wife and a tiny tot who need you around for at least another 16-20 years or so, all functional, so my 2¢ would be to call around and make an appointment.

  32. Feel for you on the Dentist. Seems to have been a few around that did that back then. Mine got caught eventually as well. Not soon enough though.

    Hope everything else works out though. Seems like 50+ everything starts breaking down. At least that is what I'm finding out.

    I always look forward to a new post. Thanks. Praying things work out for you.


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