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Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So, being back in Tampa, I had to do some 'digging' for some pieces-parts and whatnot today, as Spawn came by.  We -were- supposed to go to the range, but things went a bit whonky.  I was at GunGirl's place, who most sadly, is folding up her tent in light of the ATF being the assholes that they are, and she's going to be closing her doors in the next few.  She had a bunch of gunsmithing tools and some fiddly-bits (of which I'm soooo fond of having on hand) that she gave me gratis.  There's also the rent issue, in that the current owner of the building she's in has doubled the rent with no warning nor good reason, outside of Blackrock Profits.
Yeah, them fuckers bought out a -bunch- of local business buildings, and then up'd da rent like a motherfucker.
Now I have to find a new FFL in a few months dammit.
So, in among the parts was a competition grade 17.5 pound Wolf Manufacturing Heavy mainspring for a 1911A1 which is Spawn's sidearm of choice.  I told him before we go to the range, that we'd install it.  During that process, he also asked if I could look at his AR.  


Try beat to hell and back.  Now, the lower is a Palmetto State with some 'special' add-ons.  I built it for him.  Anderson stainless steel trigger and hammer group (polished and refined)  Oversize mag release, MagPul BAD lever, JP Enterprises tactical spring kit (3.5 pound) and a few 'other' upgrades.  Improved extractor 'donut'... shit that takes the average AR and turns it into a MOAR refined weapon. 
I did an inspection, and the very first thing I noticed was a buddy of his had installed a new receiver end plate.  In doing so, he put a plate on that had a quick release on it.
God spare me from UTG.
And the "Bubba the Wannabe Gunsmiths" of the Universe.
Anyroad.  Fucking dood on reinstalling the extension tube (the stock toob) the Castle Nut, and the plate, he forgot to stake the fucking Castle Nut.  Because of this, the Nut was literally hand loose and the takedown detent pin and spring? 
MIA baby. 
The rear takedown pin?  Yeah... it was there but not locked into place.  Spawn was using electricians tape to hold it in place 'cos hey, that's what -I'd- do in such circumstances amiright?
Fuckin' not.
I think he was more embarrassed to have this failure than anything else.  I also found out his weekly shooting  runs in the hunnerds of rounds both for his .45, 9mm pistola and his AR. 

NOW I know what he spends his fortune on, as he literally makes triple what I make at Glorious People's Tractor Factory.  "Buying in Bulk" doesn't even scratch the surface.  No wonder he's so fucking good AND why the Castle Nut worked it's way loose, as he shoots about 500+ rounds bi-monthly. (meaning 1000+ of 5.56mm and 'nuther 1000 .45 and 9mm... thats LOT of ammo)

Given that, the rifle is in good shape, outside of this particular repair.  No stretching of pins holes, no real issues... it's a solid battle rifle IMO... which if those of you who used to read Ye Olde Goolaged-Blegg, I did a piece by piece breakdown to include the metallurgy of a Daniel Defense versus a PSA AR (they're damned near identical except price point and reputation(s)

We got that done, and then to his chagrin, I asked him when the last time he'd torn down and detail-cleaned the bolt?  Turns out he hadn't.  (I could tell... fucker was purely covered in carbon)
>Le Sigh<
Ya trains 'em, and let 'em loose in the world...
But hey, all good.  I done re-taught him, and we had a great time what with me re-skoolin' him on his weapons PMCS.  Now, which brings me to the title of Ye Olde Bleggpoast tonight:

Digging out some of the tools I needed (Castle Nut Wrench) I happened across my DotMil Challenge Coin Collection.  They'd been packed away some time ago, and I plum forgot where I'd stashed 'em.  Figured I'd share as some of them are pretty damned cool.  I got ALL of these (outside of the Veterans Treatment Court coin) while either as a Active Duty Grunt, or as a Contractor.
In order of award so to speak, the first is my oldest coin, which is the UN Sinai Desert Mission:

Got it during a resupply ass-and-trash run when I came across a bunch of CONgressCritters who were doing a 'junket thang'  I got a coin.  Whatevz.  About the size of a fitty cent piece and I think made of copper.  Locally made that I can tell.

III Corp CSM Coin from around 1997... Spanish dude... don't remember his name however, getting his coin was funny AF at the time.  I was as a recently-reduced back to SP4 from Corporal (Article 15 #2) I was in charge of a shit-detail in the Motor Pool, emptying out a connex on one exceptionally hot-as-balls day...

Working inside a 20 foot steel shipping container, emptying it out and reloading it? in 100 degree Texas weather?  Pure-Dee-Suckage all around.  Me and 3 privates.  Seems the CSM was sneaking and peeking around as was his wont, and saw us working hard, and was highly impressed and coined us, as there were ZERO NCOs around (they were all hiding out in the AC in the barracks... and yeah, the CSM tracked them down and had a few asses for lunch LOL)
Cool coin in that he had a Franzetta "Death Dealer" on the reverse side IMO.


Bosnia in 98... not much to that one...
I got it 'cos I helped design it LOL.

Plus the fact that it's a UN sponsored coin?  Again, whutdafuqevz.
Now, this next one?  Cool AF.
And the story behind it?
Even I can't believe it
And it did happen
So, here we go:

5th Group's CSM coin.

Got that after I had ETS'd but went back to visit my best friend who just happened to be the CSM's driver AND a parachute rigger for Group.  When I went to visit (Memorial Day Weekend) six months after I got out, my bro told me to bring my old uniform and we'd do some jumping.

I was incredulous, but yeah, we pulled it off.  Seems as a NCO, he could 'test chutes' if it struck his fancy.  There was a lot more dope-dealing in the background that I wasn't privy too, (laying on a Chinook and a bunch of other stuff) but needless to say I got 5 freefall jumps in AND 3 static line jumps before we got caught.

The CSM got a call whilst we were doing this, and drove out to see what the fuck was going on?  He met us on what ended up being our last jump.  Someone called him to see if it was him who was jumping, as it seems my bro 'used the CSM's "name in vain" as his driver to arrange this highly illegal operation. 

So the Smaj came out to Corregidor to see what the fuck was going on.  As soon as I landed, (first out in our two man stick) he was like "Just who the fuck are you?  I don't know you!" as I was wearing chocolate chip deserts, along with the correct patches and whatnot... my bro being a rigger had done a sew-job the night before in prep and told me to keep my mouth shut as with the beard and long hair, I looked like a member of the 'dirtbag platoon' also known as the undercover brothers, i.e. the infiltrating SF kids... 

Sweating Blood and Boolits don't even come close to how I was feeling
Like Near-Fucking-Death-Heart-Attack level shytte Aye?

Needless to say, until LC came over, I had visions of MPs, long jail sentences and fines and whatnot.  LC explained the dealio, and what I didn't realize was that the CSM loved my bro... Seeings that he was one hell of a dope-dealing CSM Scrounger, that was the basis of our friendship was our mutual "love of the scrounge" AKA "the reutilization of unguarded and underutilized assets for mission furtherance"...  We were told to NOT jump anymore, that we were to pack everything up, and get the fuck out of dodge, and be at his (the CSMs) house at 18:00.  

Turns out, instead of a further ass chewing, we were being summoned for the CSM's BBQ, ands he coined me then and there, in front of the group commander no less, with my name engraved on the back.  No bullshit... true story.  I even have an (un)official set of orders and wings he gave me for the Freefall jumps...

Good Times.
Like I said... un-fucking-real.
After that one?  Well...
Here's a few coins from Iraq:
C2X coin... Like the "X Men"
CJTF-7 which stands for Combined Joint Task Force #7.  The C2X stands cor the Command and Control i.e. Intel side and I got that for working with the Red Cell, which was an Intel-Squirrel mission to wargame what the enemy was going to do next... OODA loop and whatnot.  It's made of some shitty pot-metal like Zinc, locally produced... the other side is identical as well, except for saying MNCI-7 when they changed the name to Multi-Nation Corps-Iraq.

The other coin I picked up:

Not awarded.
Another Buddy of mine had these made in the States.  They're really nice enameled coins... got quite a bit of weight to them...  He worked in the Al-Faw palace with ALLLLLL the Gen'ruls and whatnot.  Gotta give Dood some mad prop as he set up a small, actually tiny souvenir shop of all things near his cube inside Intel-Squirrel Land.  He had the coins made stateside for like $5 a throw.  He sold them for $20.  He also had embroidered polo shirts and other nic(er) things that he sold.  No joke, I think he was making MOAR shekels hawking those shirts and coins than he did as a 200k a year Intel Contractor...  as in you know those Utz Pretzel 'barrels'?
They used to sell them in the PX known as "Wallyworld" on Liberty.
He was, on average, sending two of those home a month packed solid with cash.
Like file under "Wish -I- had thought of it first!"
And, Lastly, the "Big Daddy" coin:
JTF-101 Commander's Coin (Eastern Sector)
Gen. James C. McConville gave it to me for some 'stuff' I had done...  
Nothing big IMO, more like, in all things, "Right Place Right Time."
I got a coin.
Granted it's the Motherfucking Pimp-Daddy of ALL coins I've ever seen.
Fucking as big as a coaster for drinks:
That's a fucking quarter next to it.
Solid AF too.  Heavy impressive motherfucker.
So, All in all... this's the full layout:
Kinda cool... I'd thought them to be lost or whatnot.
There's two or three others I'm not going into, as they're bullshit.  The Budweiser coin is sort of cool, but still, bullshit (like everything DotMil these days apparently).

Hope y'all enjoyed these.  I'll be back tomorrow provided I don't sleep thru the day, as I -am- tired AF.  Been on the go nonstop and haven't caught up on the rest.  Have to see how I feel.
So More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. Ok. That gas stove meme takes the cake…

  2. Nah. They're not gas-stop-o.
    They're Range Control.
    (I'll see myself out now)
    President Elect B Woodman

  3. Always great seeing the interesting coins... Got a few in my time in that adorn a shelf in my office... Right next to my "Catch-22" awards :-) Active duty was... Well, surreal at times and glad I'm not over there now... Good luck out there, sir!

  4. Read somewhere that the Challenge Coin and rituals associated with them started with Special Forces in Vietnam. I served USN 85-94 and they just weren't a thing. Had a younger Jarhead I worked with "challenge" me once, and couldn't believe I didn't have a coin. Like I said, they weren't a thing when I was in. Same guy, I was admiring and asking about some of his tats (appreciate good artistry), and he was floored to find out a 9 year seagoing Pacific rim sailor didn't have any "ink".

  5. Range Officers?

    Good quote for butchery inflicted on various mechanical devices :
    “He is entirely self-taught, thus demonstrating the horrors of unskilled labor “
    Not that I’m entirely innocent of that sort of thing…

  6. I have seven. Even one from a loathsome three-letter agency that I was forced to deal with. Starts with a “C”.


  7. I was always the guy at the end of the line about the time the General or whoever was passing them out, ran out of coins.

  8. Gretchen needs to get all of the medals in a nice sealed glass case and put them on your office wall. You won't lose them and your grandkids can be in awe.

  9. Somewhere around here I have a VFA83 Rampager Squadron command-coin given to me way back when by Cousin Regbo, now deceased, sadly. When he gave it to me at his CoC party at the Norfolk NAS O-club, he told me I could get a cpl-three likker drinks free of charge with it at any USN O-club in the world, just by waving it in the bartender's face. Never tried it out, though, not having been in any O-clubs since that one night. I need to dig that thing up and send ya a pic of it, it's truly a work of art.

    Oh, and those are called "assault stoves" now. Especially if they're black.


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