Sad Tidings, Moar Ouchies and Sheeeeeit

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Not sure if I picked up the Flu from Spawn (he was down for a few days w/it) or if it's the broken toofus in mah haid that's laying me low.  Had to call in from Glorious People's Tractor Factory to day as I just -couldn't- do it.  Slept in til 10, feeling like shit, after barfing all day/night yesterday and off and on all night long.  Achy all over which tells me 'flu' more than anything else.

Some sad news out there if'n you already didn't hear
Gerard Van der Leun is on his last ride vis-a-vis Le Cancer.  
Seems they (the croakers) found it late, and he's on a clock that's ticking into the 'red zone'.. looks like he's got a few weeks... that Fucking Sucks man.
Been there, done that, and fortunately I survived.
Gerard, however, from what we're being told isn't in such a position.
In the inimitable words of the Great Philosophers of My Generation (Gen X), the Esteemed Beavis and Butthead:
"This's Lame man... this like... totally sucks purely."
For real.
Mr. Van der Leun was one of the first to repost a few of my screeds when I first re-started my blegg, and since then had kept doing so, in particular when I wrote something worth repoasting.

I wish him nothing but the best, and hope his health, by a miracle does improve.  However, if the -worst case- happens, then I wish him a pleasant and easy passing, with a belly full of good liquor, his last vision thru his eyes on his loved ones, and thoughts of a better place.

Hell... lets face it, anywhere without the Current "Year Zero" stupid has got to be better than what we're dealing with now Aye?  Death = No taxes and No bullshit?  No wonder a lot of folks are opting to "take the last Train to Yuma" and join the "Choir Invisible". 

So yeah
Bad news and feeling like shytte.  Didn't get a hell of a lot done either, although I was up all night long.  And then, most annoyingly, the coworkers started group texting, and including me.  

Fookin' Fon blowin' dafuq up all. morning. long.
Look, take me out of the group chat aight?
Jeeeeez Louise...


Not much shaking out there aside from the normal stoopid.  Can't get worked up, 'cept that I need to make some paperwork showing that I identified as a blaq male from 1988 til present in San Franfreakshow and that I suffered from untold and unaccountable racccccccccccccccccccccccysism...
Any bets that pig Rachel Dolezal jumps on that shytte?
I mean she -did- identify as "Blaq" for how many years!?!
According to the 'new doctrine' of the Lefties, she's as entitled to reparations as any other son-of-a-spearchucker.  As would I, IF I can produce the proof. 

By The Way...  IMO the only real reason the nogs got totally bent out about her, is she was a better race hustler than they were.  Absolutely mad-jealous that a natural-born Whypeepo was able to, as a 'counterfeit pavement-ape,' make good money shaking down Whyttie, as opposed to their own anemic attempts to do race-hustles. 

Just goes to show that a Whyttie is better at being a nigger, as well as damned near everything compared else to a Nog... 

Jes' Sayin'.

After all, it -is- ostensibly ALL about the Benjamins Aye?
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. BCE, I hope you get better soon. My wife and I are just getting over the flu. Neither of us has been this weak from anything in many years.

  2. "If there's one thing that a colored man is good at, it's cookin' a pig. That ain't to say a white man couldn't cook a pig better.
    His big brain just focused on more important things, like runnin' the world and spaceships..'

    Uncle Ruckus

  3. Saw that, said a big prayer. Man I hope both of you can heal up, cancer sucks. Already took 3 of 5 of us in the family. I think Hillary and Pelosi are the only two humans I would wish it on.

    Bear Claw

  4. There are a lot of bugs floating around as of late. Get well soon

  5. I read a lot of his stuff. Commented a few times. He seems like a good dude.

  6. Well that’s the shits about Gerard. He’s one of those bloggers you should read every day…and he keeps falling through the cracks on me.

    Hope you’re over The Crud soon BC…

  7. On of the kids in the day care went down with some bug. He is 3 and it took him out for about 7 days. Odd spots in his throat. Fever and up chuck from time to time. So far he has been an outlier but who knows.

    Stay healthy and wash hands every time you pee.

  8. Mike yer almost FLA neighbor24 January, 2023 18:42

    +++ on the good wishes Bro!

    Yeah, been seeing the way fu**cked news about VDL. That truly does suck! Read his stuff quite a bit over the years, and IMHO he's a good dude! Already sent prayers his way! At least if he's on hospice, they try to keep him as comfortable as possible. Prayers for both of y'all!!!!!

    Mike - yer almost FLA neighbor.

  9. My thoughts re: Gerad echo yours:
    linked me early on, was always good and decent, and this turn of events purely sucks.
    We wish him our sincere best wishes in all things,


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