Firing Squad and Hypocrisy

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It's been making the rounds courtesy of David Codriea over at Ammoland dot com.  
Press Covers for North Carolina Sheriff’s ‘Firing Squad’ ~ VIDEO

Seems that about a month ago, the Sheriff's office in Cherokee County North Carolina got a call about a possible shooting and hostage situation.  What happened was caught on vidya... Vidya that the cops didn't know about at the time and completely nuked their narrative.  After the initial shooting, the press release stated: 
"Jason Harley Kloepfer, age 41, of 1790 Upper Bear Paw Road, Murphy, NC has been charged with Communicating Threats and Resist, Obstruct, and Delay,” the release continues. “The matter remains under investigation and more charges may follow.”
The Sheriff's Department put this out on their Fecesbook page:

Problem was it was a pile of fucking bullshit. The local Ministry of Propaganda and Lies followed the Regime Script that Mr. Kloepfer "confronted" the uniformed Regime Would-Be Murderers, and they "were forced to shoot him." That was all in the initial report(s).

What they didn't realize (and like I do, the Casa is wired to the max in case of shit like this) Dude and his girlfriend had a security camera up and recording.  Watch the vidya, and you can see the swine pretty much just capped this guy out with ZERO justification.  He opens the door, leans out and a hail of boolits start tagging him.  Thanks be to God that these clowns were shitty shots, 'cos Kloepfer only got wounded.

Now I have no intel on whether K-Boy has any sort of rap sheet.  For all we know, he's a known element and the fuzz weren't taking any chances.  From what -I- can find, dude has no record.  So, as stated across the net, the references to this guy are all about the fact that the cops tried to kill him in cold blood, and then tried to cover it up, until the footage of the actual shooting surfaced, which plainly shows the fuzz attempting murder.

There was no confrontation
There was no "man with a gun"
There was no hostage situation
There were no shots fired (outside of the attempt to murder dood by the pigs)

From what I can see, and this's just armchair Q-Bing, Dude just poked his head out, and the cops lit him the fuck up.  After they shot the poor fucker, they start, from my perspective, desperately looking around the front door and area that dude was standing when they capped him, trying like hell to find a weapon so's they can have a 'clean shoot'...

Good thing no one had a drop-piece I suppose, although the fact that the camera was running the whole time, and at one point one of the cops sees it and goes "Fuck bro, Fuck... there's a camera!  We're fucked!" 

That right there tell me every. single. cop. on the scene that night needs to be, at a minimum, stripped of -any- 'qualified immunity', fired and barred from any law enforcement job ever again and the actual trigger puller needs to go down for a whooooooole lotta shit, from attempted murder under color of law, assault with a deadly weapon and man, I dunno... I'm pretty fucking sure that seeings that they -were- stacking the charges against K-Boy, then the same rule should apply to the shooter.

So, this's been sitting around for a little over a month.
Not sure who let it out (probably Jason's lawyers) but the vidya got out, and maaaan the ass-covering spin-machine fired up toute-le-suite.  The immediate response from the sheriff is to play the "blame game":

The balls on this guy.
Essentially ole Dustin is saying "I wasn't there, it wasn't my guys and it's not my fault and oh by the way, I need monies to build up and hire my own group of trained thugs and murderers."

Threw the Cherokee Indian Police Department all the way under the bus it seems.  Got a hunch that's going to shoot the ole cooperation in the head from here on out.  I know that if -I- was on the CIPD, any calls for help from the County Sheriff's orifice would be answered with a "Yeah... good fucking luck with that!"

And then the quote: 
"The first time I ever saw video footage from the shooting was on January 18, 2023. It’s my understanding that the state and district attorney’s office has been notified of the video as well."
Bet your ass the state and district attorney's orifice has been notified.  As in "MASSIVE legal shitstorm inbound." notified.  Gar-ron-damned-teed every. single. personal injury attorney nationwide is purely drooling at the thought of this case.

Nevermind the media... good chance if anyone played out Mr. Kloepfer as a criminal scumbag (he may well be, we don't know) in said-Ministry of Propaganda and Lies, and that is wrong, the name Kyle Rittenhouse comes leaping to mind vis-a-vis defamation and whatnot.  IMO, since this came out, and they had a month to spin it, the very fact that there's been zero tracking of -any- criminal activity on the part of K-Boy...I'd say this guy was just wrong-place-wrong-time done wrong by the pigs, who thought they'd cover it up, much like how it normally happens...

That's the bigger problem we have societally speaking.
Cops are not there for our protection.
They're Regime and Rich-Folks protection.
The higher on the economic scale you are, the more protected you are, and the more likely that you can get away with anything.  Money literally means never having to do -real time- for anything.  Despite arguments to the contrary, we have never actually moved past the owner/slave king/serf dynamic.  Oh yeah, we 'dress it up' with cutesy names like 'democracy' and other things, but essentially it's all a bunch of hooey.  In fact, the veil that has covered the 'normie' eyes, which most folks have lived with their entire lives is being lifted.

Like the latest news that they keep finding MORE and MORE Top Secret documents ALL over the place, and nothing is being actually done about it.  It's actually becoming a fucking joke... is there anywhere that Biden -didn't- stash top secret material!?!

I mean jeez... anyone remember this one?
2016... dude got jailed for taking pictures "at work" so to speak...
Wanted pics of his time in the Navy, and instead got a other than Honorable, and did a year in fucking prison.  
Anyone want to tell me the fucking difference?
Oh yeah... 
One was some poor enlisted swine.
The other?
Our Glorious and Harmonious P&PBUH (Plus 10%) Orifice of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Popeshitter Maximus, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den.  Also refered to as "That Colossal Waste of Oxygen and Fuckup Beyond Compare Joe from Scrotum"

I'm not going to hold my breath.
Nothing will come of this, except MOAR faux-outrage.
Per usual.
Anyways, Got to run.  Have a Happy Sunday
I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. The guy picked up the robot (long, black, with a light on it) and carried it to the door when he opened it. The cops will most likely say they thought it was a weapon with a light and opened fire. That would be their only justification for what is still bad shoot.

    1. Someone from the CIPD SWAT team was controlling and monitoring that ReconScout (not sure if IR or CT model) drone, so the drone operator knew he had picked up the drone and was walking towards the door with it in hand... doubtful that such information wasn't relayed to the rest of the team prior to the door opening.

      TL:DR = Weak sauce defense

  2. Now Biden's lawyers are apparently admitting to some of the documents having been taken when he was a senator.

  3. Thank you for the heads up. I am moving to the Murphy, NC area in three months. Have to keep an eye on things. Big fan of cameras so no problems there.

  4. I'm sure that there will be a lot of us looking like that last ol boy. Saying that my great ,great ,great grandma was raped by a slave. A white boy has to do what he has to do.

  5. You are a handsome devil!

  6. seems to me that they spent a lot of time looking for anything they could say they thought was a gun. but the one cop saying :fuck, a camera was a dead give away they KNOW they fucked up.

  7. speaking of the monied classes being protected what happened to the poor schmuck at paul pelosi's house?

  8. Funny how the secret documents were leaked to the press after PedoJoe has served 2 years of our life sentence. That makes Cum-all'ya eligible for 2 full terms after PedoJoe is removed. Or whomever the new VP will be after Cum-all'ya is elevated and then the new VP (whom none of us will have a chance to select, as if voting anymore matters) can serve 2 full terms after a partial term.

    As to the Sheriff? Well, he needs to be fired outright like Scott Israel or whomever the cum-swallower was in Texas when the kids got shot up and he and his department sat on their damned hands for fucking forever.

  9. Man, this is 'by the numbers' and 'regular as fucking clockwork' as it can get. Cops deal with this guy and it goes to shit (probably because of some idiot who has either an itchy trigger finger/axe to grind OR was scared of his/her shadow); they make up a bullshit story amongst themselves (and probably their union reps, if there are any) to try and cover their asses. Police brass proceed to go with story and spin it in order to save face and maintain good PR; independent third party footage comes to light, nuking said bullshit story; the brass proceeds to circle the wagons and cover THEIR asses while throwing their underlings under the bus.

    Time and time and time again, it's the same godddamn thing. Worst part is as you've pointed out already, in the end, fuck all will be done about it aside from some hand wringing and public 'pee pee' slapping. It'll get swept under the rug.

  10. When law enforcement is the bad guy, vigilantes follow.

  11. Dude never dropped his cigarette until he crawled out the door. Gotta give him points just for that.

  12. Makes one wonder how often this happens and the badgemonkeys toss the house till they find the image recorders and destroy the evidence of their crimes.

  13. The Qualla Indian Reservation isn't in Cherokee County, North Carolina.

    But Murphy is.

    Oh, but this seems familiar?

    Yeah, think back to Eric Rudolph's capture.

    The arresting officer moved up to your old neck of the woods and became part of the local government.

    Maybe he knew it was a good time to ride the reputational boost out of that police department?

    Good call.

  14. Being white, I have lived in glamorous, spendy places and down in the dirt with the illegals-of all sorts. You had better believe that cops have one way of treating the Splendiforous Folks and another for the dirt dwellers. You are so correct in your " owner/slave king/serf dynamic" statement. The years of the Northern Aggression just cemented any and all questions of WHO is on the top tier. Can we rewind to 1775, knowing what we know, and change some stuff? Let's start with WHO is allowed to immigrate.

  15. Rereading the initial police description, another possibility occurs to me. I wonder if he had an enemy who decided to perform a 'swatting' on him.

    Not to say the police didn't try to cover it up, but the initial description reads like 'swattings' I've read about.


  16. A few years ago, around here, A cop was watching a local watering hole and spots a drunk guy coming out of the parking lot. Cop lights him up and the drunk guy pedals down. He end up losing control and rolls the car. Drunk guys girlfriend end up smeared across the pavement , then draining out on the sidewalk. Drunk guy is climbing up through the broken door window ( the car was on its side) and the cop gut shoots him. The dash cam shows cop trying to police up the brass instead of securing drunk guy or checking on now dead girlfriend. Drunk guy dies about 3 months later. The Cop ends up losing his job, get 6 months in a neighboring county jail, he was out in three and ends up doing the rest of his 1 year sentence on home arrest.

  17. What needs to happen is local citizenry to make a project of identifying, hunting down, and executing with prejudice every officer that took part in that raid, and anyone that tried to cover for it after the fact.
    They have it coming, turnabout is fair play, and it's the only way to accomplish justice while getting the attention of TPTB.

    Change my mind.

  18. Until the thugpigs are systematically Disarmed- I mean down to a Six-Shooter and two Speedloaders - this Nazi Shit will continue. There is NO Justification for the Tacticool Gear, Body Armor, Automatic Weapons and Armored Vehicles. None.

    1. Okanogan Offgrid24 January, 2023 12:34

      I live in a VERY RURAL county and the pigs here are wearing the latest UHMWPE (polymer) rifle plates. Those plates are so thick they make the deputies look like cartoon characters. The pigs are also cowards (right to go home safe) and bullies (I'll come back and turn into the Hulk on you.) Yes, I saw and heard a SGT with the Sheriff's Dept. say those things to a defenseless 57 year old woman who he and his Nazi Clown Posse had been terrorizing for several hours.

  19. Haha! Almost crashed my car when I saw that last pic.

  20. He walked out with their stupid little robot in his hand. Stupid fuckers, sad thing is the tax payers end up on the hook not the assholes with badges.

    Bear Claw

  21. I finally watched the whole video.

    Wow. Trigger happy doesn't begin to describe it. The really shameful thing is that this will get no national press.

  22. I've been following it on ARFCOM. The TBL trips all over themselves to defend the cops over shit like this. When you suggest charging the shooter you get somebody who goes full retard with shit like this:

    "Originally Posted By bcauz3y:
    Do that for medical practitioners who kill patients too.

    You'd run out of doctors and nurses way before you ran out of cops, and there's probably 4x more of em."

  23. A quote from the ARFCOM thread that does have me thinking:

    "Why do the police have looser rules of engagement in our streets and homes than our military overseas?"

    By the time I got over there the ROE was insanely strict.


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