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Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
OK, bear with me... between exhaustion and meds a fucking stroke and a whoooole lotta "other" shytte, forgive me if I'ma allllll over the place in a disjointed fashion.  Soooooo much happening out 'there' in the IRL World, leastways "Clownworld" that leaves the "NewNormals" like us bafflegated and invertamated like a motherfucker... and yeah, I just made that shit up.

Welcome to Clownworld Bitches.

Hope you enjoy your stay... I'll be your host, Big Country Expat, would you like smoking or non-smoking?  Tough noogies fucko, it's all smoking here bitches.

Anyhoo.  Tired... so fucking tired... Besides physical exhaustion, mental as well.  Fuck it, drive on as a commenter said...  FIDO: "Readily will I display the intestinal fortitude required to fight on to the Ranger objective and complete the mission though I be the lone survivor."  The Ranger Creed... may not have graduated, but man, that shit gets imbued perma-style when you go through it.
Flunked out/Quit in late 96.  Just too much.  Better Men than I failed that motherfucker.  Found out later its the runty motherfuckers who generally do well in Ranger School... Anyways...  Yeah... I'm in 'full on combat mode' which is ALSO why I'm stressed out, 'cos I can't do what I'm trained to do which is shoot motherfuckers in the face repeatedly with high caliber weapons until their heads resemble fucking blood-pudding and rescue my Gran...

Go figure.

It's like having a half permanent Viagra Hard On in a room FULL of hawt female porn stars, and being able to fuck them all... allllll day long.... However

You ain't allowed to nut.

Just like that.
Soooooooooooooooo close, but no cigar 
I need that metaphoric 'nut'... PLEASE Gawd let me have it sooner, rather than later.

Well LOTSA of Honest-to-God intel from Oh so many sources on the construction, installation and yadda yadda from what I'll call the generic "Bob The Electrician" doodz... ya'' provided GOOD intel on some stuff under the "Power" poast.  ESPECAILLY from "Simon" who put up THIS info-nugget: I work making the casings for the big transformers. The sidewalls are generally 10 mm steel plate. The radiators are usually only 1.2 mm thick. Shoot a radiator and the oil will run out just the same, causing overheating. Not suggesting you do so, of course. Just for interest, we made a bulletproof one for New York State a few years ago. The whole thing was encased in a sheath of the material used for digger shovels."

Now, for FYI, digger shovels are damned near IED proof as far as steel goes, we used Israeli combat-reinforced backhoes to take out IEDs in Iraq, and the bucket?  Generally unscathed.  Keep it in mind you fucking feral bastards LOL.
By the way, gathered off Gab, just as an FYI?
Jes' sayin'

Now, other things... in randomness.
Happy Pearl Harbor Day
The First Now Confirmed DotGov Instigated War.
To this day Tons of denials that Roosevelt knew the Japs were planning this... Now?  Not so mucho.
Fucker did if IMO for two reasons: 
1) Was to get us into the Global Conflict to unfuck his instituted economic non-recovery plans
2) Start building the new(er) Battleships that the DotNavy was soooo desperate to have, but couldn't afford to build at the time.

I mean look at it, everyone know we had the Japs codes... we knew they were coming...  the boats left in Pearl?  ALL 1898 Model "Dreadnought" Model boats, to include the Arizona... The Aircraft Carriers? ALL at sea... the obsolete OLD models?  Left in the shewtin' gallery...  What with the "New Jersey Class" on the drawing board, but between the depression, the economic ruin going on at the time?  Only way to build the new class battle-wagons was to have the OLD models blown the fuck up,. along with 4000+/- dotmil folks in the process...

Eggs = Omelets donchaknow?

So yeah, Happy First Major DotGov Betrayal Day

We deserve(d) better... In ALL things

Then, well this one.. Holy. Shit.
Now, this's going to be considered majorly anti-Semitic... however... let's be realistic.  Ukrainian President Volodymyr "Gay Love" Zelenskyy just outlawed the Orthodox Christian Church in the Kraine.
Oh. My. God.
Like literally.  
The story is HERE
And yeah, that's AP putting 'spin' on it.  OK... sooooooo much to unpack here.
First off... it's not the "Russian Orthodox Church"... it's the Eastern Orthodox Christian Church
Congrats on now pissing off a good 25% people on the planet... all of whom are or consider theyselves  Orthodox Christians... How many you ask?  Well, try this (by population): 
Romania 82%
Belarus 48%–73%
Greece 95%–98% 
Serbia 97%
Bulgaria 88% 
Moldova 93% 
Georgia 84% 
North Macedonia 65% 
Cyprus 89%
Montenegro 72%
Wow... Congratulations to the World's Stupidest Fucking Jew Zelenskyy on his new move to starting the "True Final Solution" against the Hebrew Religion.  I mean really?!?!  You Dumb Motherfucker.  

Do you really think no one is going to notice you just made a GIANT anti-Christian move against an established church that's survived faaaaar more than the hebes?!?

God-damn these people are fucking stoopid.
The excuse is to stop "Russian Influence" in the war. 
Russia is only 72% Eastern Orthodox.
The Church ain't the fucking problem you assholes
However, Y'all just essentially decided to start a fucking Crusade IF some of the Eastern Orthodox Kids decide that'd be the way to go.  Trust me on this.
Case in point:

Serbian War Criminal.
When I met him, He was outside working the lawn, shirt off.  Wifey got the screaming thigh-sweats... Fucker.  Dude has an eight-pack of abs. No ghey... fucker is what ALL doodz dream of looking like.  Anyways.  He had the Double Bar Orthodox Christian Cross tatted on his chest.  Now, I did a tour in Bosnia.  They had given us a brief on tats to look for.  Much like I caught that Fedayeen Saddam in Iraq because of his tats, when I saw the double bar cross, that wasn't the 'alarm' that gave it away.
(not his, just an example)
It was the 9-10+/- crescent moon tats around his cross.
Those were the giveaway.
Each one meant a Muj he'd KIA'd.  When I called him out, he was pretty freaked out, as the last thing he expected was an 'in-the-know' guy who understood the interpretation of the tats... when I told him I was jealous, as I only had 5-6 confirmed, and that he sucked, we ended up being BFFs for it.

Well congrats Krainefeld, you just made an enemy of Serbian War Criminal
And about six million other Serbs

Damn you got some balls dude.
Fucking the Serbs have been courting becoming if not part of the EU, but wanting to trade with them... they've also been trying to dance the 'neutral line' in all this NATO-Globohomo stoopidity...  Now?
Fuck with the Eastern Orthodoxy?

Oh My God
You Literally just potentially opened a MAJOR SOUTHERN FRONT if the shit continues going south in the Kraine... as in IF NATO is stoopid enough to keep sticking it's collective retard-dick in the meatgrinder, well... as listed:
Romania... Moldova... Serbia... 
ALL on the FAR Southern Border to the Kraine
AND Poland
Man... I'm a broken down old intel kid... BARELY two brain cells left to rub together, yet I'm the only one whos seen or identified this.  Even my fellow travelers at DIAINC haven't seen it.

IF this goes as sideways as every fucking thing that idiot Krainefeld has done so far, then the Kraine and most of Western Europe is facing a potential Crusader Level Event

This ain't aboot incursion or eliminating Nazis or bullshit
They made it about Religion
And, well, as much as they may hate me saying so, It was a Jew who done started it
This will NOT end well
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. In the category of there are no coincidences....there is a orthodox seminary in Kodiak Alaska and a navy seal training base(used to be early on survival training, now is at the tail end of the training)....and always a ton of Russians running around..

  2. WTF? One of the 'reasons' that Putin had for going into the Ukraine was that the Ukrainian Orthodoxers separated from the Russian Orthodox Church and now considered themselves not-Russian but Ukrainian. So BigIdiot bans the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and all other Eastern Orthodox Churches? Is he fucking insane?

    Now, this may all boil down to Z-Boy banning the Russian Orthodox Church and the eneMedia reports it wrong in order to cause issues. Could be his 'Emancipation Proclamation' moment as banning the ROC only in Ukraine would hit mostly the Russian-conquered by settlement eastern portions of the Uke. And not applying to all the other Orthodox Churches, including the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

    See, the Eastern Orthodox Church is more like the United Baptists, a mixture of all flavors of Baptists, but only really if said flavors existed only by state and/or family/clan/peoples breakdown. Big clump of Alabama Baptists living in a small area of New Mexico, being surrounded by New Mexican Baptists. That sort of thing.

    I know Greek Orthodoxers who friggin hate with the burning passion of a blazing sun, Armenian Orthodoxers and Russian Orthodoxers. Gladly cut throats of the AOs and ROs and OtherOs except when there are Turk throats to cut (turk-armenian throats, that's double good.)

    So, BCE, talk to SerbWarCrim and find out how he feels if Z-Boy only banned the Russian Orthodox Church, but is leaving all the other Orthodox Churches alone.

    This is a weird situation. Seriously, it took the non-religious evil Soviets to smack everyone on the head enough, and stack the bodies high enough, to get many of the religionites to calm down to where they were only killing a few a year, rather than wholescale pogroms like happened all the time amongst the Eastern Orthodoxies.

    And this doesn't just appl with the peoples. Eastern Orthodox conclaves have turned bloody and murderous even in 'recent' times. Monks of one order killing and beating monks of another order, priests and bishops calling out hits and actual hits in the meetings, that sort of things.

    The Eastern Orthodox Churches are not like the comparatively stodgy and stale Roman Catholic Church. Again, see above reference to the Baptists in America, well, more like the various Church of Christ congregations, where in one town a COC may hate another COC even more than the Roman Catholic Church and are willing to screw every other COC and enjoy it more than they enjoy screwing over non-COCs.

    Remember, this is being reported by the eneMedia. Can you trust the eneMedia to report any truth these days without putting a slant or conveniently leaving off parts of the truth? If you can't trust them to report truthfully all aspects of some hood-rat getting dirtnapped in your town, can you trust what they are saying about Z-Boy? Remember, this is the same eneMedia that crowed that Xi was out and looking to get de-lifed at the time he was actually whacking people (like the previous chairman, anyone heard from him since Xi had him walked out? Hmmm???)

    Again, this could be outrageously bad. Or it could be enemy action by the eneMedia in an attempt to set all the other Orthodoxies against Z-Boy.

    Or I could be full of fecal material. Eh, it happens.

    1. Said better than I could. I did remember that there was a divorce early on, and that was part of the reasoning that the Rus came to Uke to visit.

  3. I'm going way waaaay back to my History of the ancient churches class in Catholic school, and I mean I was like 16, but I was under the impression that there are 15 or so Eastern Orthodox churches, all with their own pope-by-another name Patriarch, and all sorta-kinda under the leadership of the patriarch of Constantinople. If I read the situation right, the patriarch of Moscow is ex-Kgb, and left the fold when the patriarch of Constantinople granted major status to the Ukrainian Orthodox church so they could be self-governing and get off the kids' table.
    So I'm not sure that the other Orthodox churches, who kinda already hate the Russian orthodox, will be all that assmad. They've been calling for the Russian patriarch to be declared a heretic and put down for a couple of years now.
    But also bear in mind that I've spent the last 30 years enjoying the vapors of living on an oil tanker 8 months out of the year so what do I know. My brain cells live under thunderdome conditions.

  4. funny thing about the attack on Pearl. they never bombed the fuel depot, or the dry docks
    or the warehouses. YET. on every other attack the Japs did, they did blow the fuel depot to hell
    on Midway island ? I always found that small bit odd, as I would have thought it should have been blow to hell as well.

  5. I saw that headline about the Orthodox Church getting banned, but didn't put any more thought into it than to say to myself that boy done really fucked up. I couldn't articulate why like you did, though.

  6. STRESS (def.) - That confusion created when the mind overrides the body's desire to choke the living shit out of some asshole who desperately needs it

  7. Your brother from a different mother

  8. I think you forgot that it began earlier.
    When Roosevelt told the US Navy to make reports of German ships in the open, including their position, but not of british ships. And when he ordered US ships to protect britsh ships. He wanted war.
    And to Japan. He cut off Japan from everything (material, oil), froze their assets, etc. But he never told them right into their faces that they should get out of China. No, he always told them something about freedom, rights. But those words meant everything and nothing. And when the Japanese wanted clear words,, the US repeated only those phrases. It was like wanting to nail a cloud to the wall.

    And something I found in a disrespactable (to the mainstreammedia) german source. It said that there were before Pearl Harbour two conferences about the ABC and ABD treaty, later together the ABCD treaty that said that if one of four conditions are met, then the US is automatically at war with Japan. One of the conditions I remember was that if a japanese fleet crosses a threshold close to the Kraa peninula then its war. And a japanese fleet crossed that threshold a few days before Pearl Harbour.
    In english I found only the Kra Isthmus
    But to the ABC, ABD and ABCD treaty I came up emptyhanded.
    Alex Lund

  9. You can probably add devout Roman Catholics into that crusader level event. There was only a handful of things that caused the Roman/eastern/western split. We still consider each other family. So much so that a couple groups I belong to have been funding Eastern Orthodox seminaries in Ukraine for over a decade. Nearly two.

    If there were anything that would prove to Joe Russian that they are on the side of angels, this would be it. Any fool can see we're just pissing money over there that's finding it's way back to the big guy and all his pals.

  10. Post communism Eastern Europe and Russia both started finding their culture again. This is no small thing. There is a good, historical summery comment by NukedOne here:

    Short version: Kiev is a center of the orthodox faith and shannanigens are afoot vis a ve a split in tye church over the last 8 years.

    It is also important to note that historically Russia has been the protector of the faith - a position they may be re establishing. The Crimea War was fought by Russia to protect Christians from the Ottomans.

    One minor nitpick. The Battle ships at Pearl were older, but not that old. They were built during WWI and up until the Washington Naval Treaty curtailed capital ship production. West Va. And California were only about a decade old and has recently been modernized. Also the USS NJ is and Iowa class and a beautiful ship. Seeing her morred in the Delaware is always a highlight when driving through Philly

  11. Once had a long chat many decades ago with someone who was in DC that Sunday in 1941. He was staying with a friend who got almost no sleep that weekend. As his friend was one of Cordell Hulls inner circle at State. Everyone in DC was expected an imminent attack after what had just happened in French Indochina. Everyone and I mean everyone was expected it to be the Philippines. No one was expected it to be Pearl Harbor. Mainly due to the institutional racism about the Japs.

    Just like the Russians in 1905.

    Did not matter that everyone knew about Fleet Problem 13. The 1932 USN exercise that was "won" by a sneak air attack on Pearl Harbor. On a Sunday. At sunrise. It even got a big write up in Time magazine at the time. But the Japs were those funny looking simian like people with buck teeth and thick glasses. Organizing a sneak attack was beyond their limited mental abilities. Yada yada yada.

    Although the actual details of the Japaneses air attack were based on the successful British attack on Taranto the year before. Which put most of the Italian fleet out of action. That got a big write up in Time magazine at the time.

    The main sources of the "FDR organized the Pearl Harbor attack" conspiracy theories were the books of people like Flynn and Morgenstern back in the 1940's. Flynn was a Father Coughlain style political rabble rousing grifter and Morgenstren was a MacClatchy newspaper org political hit piece "journalist" with a visceral hatred for all things FDR. Foaming at the mouth prose. A raving nutcase. You should read some of his other published pieces. Just change the names and the targets and it reads like straight out of Daily Kos. Deranged.

    Either way the Japanese declared war on the US. As did the Germans a few days later. Even if the attack on Pearl Harbor had failed the war would still have happened. The enemy always gets a vote.

    Pearl Harbor solved the biggest single political problem FDR had at the time. Not America First. Or even the Republicans. It was the majority of the Dems in Congress who did not want money for their pet welfare progammes "wasted" on the military. The Dems had big majorities in both houses since 1932 and it was the Dem party that had been the rabidly isolationist party. A fact written out of history by post War "historians" when all Isolationists now became Republicans.

    So the usual story. All the bad things done by the Dem Party over the generations is rewritten by Dem voting "historians" (now almost all of them) as somehow the Republican Party's fault.

    As for the Ukraine Orthodox Church Story. Its just that the Ukraine church is splitting from control of the Russian one. Just like the Russian one split from the Patriarch of Constantinople / Greek Orthodox church almost 600 years ago. When the head of the Russian church is someone like Krill who can blame them. Krill was offering up prayers for wiping out Ukraine as a country only a few weeks ago. The split has been in the works since 2014 so not a big deal. In the bigger scheme of things.

  12. Lots of generals had the code breaking stuff. MacArthur down in the Philippines knew what was afoot, even. Y'know who didn't have access to it? Short and Kimmel. The guys in charge of defending Pearl. Kimmel got nervous because they had not heard much in the way of Japanese coded messages and moved a bunch of ships out of Pearl, up north of Hawaii, really close to where the Japanese would launch. He advised Washington, and was ordered to return the ships to harbor.

    Yeah, FDR and the JCS set it all up. F-ing rat bastards.

  13. Just in on RT.

    Kiev Continues Crackdown On Ukrainian Orthodox Church

    Ukraine’s domestic security agency, the SBU, conducted multiple raids targeting Orthodox Christian sites on Wednesday. The operation, spanning three regions of the country, is part of a crackdown on the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC) over its alleged pro-Russia activities.

    Searches have been conducted at some 13 religious sites, including monasteries, cathedrals, and libraries, the SBU said in a statement. The raids were necessary to “prevent the use of religious communities as centers of the ‘Russian world’ and to protect the population from provocations and terrorist acts,” the service claimed, adding that all the activities were carried out in line with the law.

    The SBU did not elaborate on whether any incriminating evidence was recovered during the raids, or any arrests were made.

    Steve S6

  14. OMG!! The Orthodox believe:

    In fact, our newest service is 1,300 years old."

    Please read that; we are ONE HOLY AND APOSTELIC CATHOLIC CHURCH.
    The Jew in the Gibbs-Me More Money country is a fine example of the Sanhedrin that Jesus rebelled against. Yikes! Sell your cloak and buy a sword, indeed.
    Until the establishment of ---->Roman<--- Catholic Church (which spoke to formerly Roman citizens) there was no difference between Orthodox and anyone else. Except Jews, Heathens, and The Occult.
    I am telling you-Ukraine Leadership- is out to destroy the world.


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