Happy Thanksgiving! and Some Followups

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Despite it being my birfday, I've been up since 0900 doing the dinner.  Got me a 3 pound Ham, and a 3 pound Turkey Breast, along with dressing (with Italian sausage, the X's recibe), Garlic sautéed Green Beans and Mashed Taters, along with Texas Garlic Toast (Miss Daisy's fave).  About 30 minutes from kickoff, so might have an interruption as I've been a cookin' fool.  It's now 15:30.  Might have to 'foodus interupptus' when the timer goes off.

Wifey OTOH has been getting the laundry caught up God Bless her.

The only drawback to the Apartment complex is the laundry room.  $3 per wash load, and $3 per dryer load, and the washer is teeny compared to what -I'm- used to.  I've been 'recycling' the clothing, i.e. using the t-shirt until it needs to be washed, and the only thing is running out of drawers and sox, which then  I positively have to do a load or two.

Don't even get me started on Wifey's stuff.
Hence the attraction of The Country Redoubt.
That and hanging out with Miss Daisy AND the bonus of being able to throw rounds right off the front porch.  God there is something to be said for true 'country living'...... 
< DING! >
Pardon y'all, chow be calling my name....

Whew... OK... now about an hour and a half post feeding frenzy.  Now, gotta say, everything came out on time and perfectly done:
I took the end-cut of the turkey, as usually that's dried out a bit.
This bird?  Notsomucho.  Perfection... the Ham?  The same.  The whole meal was absolutely on point.
Not bad for an Infantryman I'd have to say...
The results speak for theyselves Aye?
Fucking deeee-stroyed that plate man.
Even had me seconds on the taters and dressing.

So, as we opened dinner, we all gave a short spiel on what we were thankful for this year.
In my case, the BIGGEST thing I was thankful for?  

It was y'all.

ALL my supporters, readers, fellow bleggers... all of you... both that I know or have only known through here.  Every. Single. One. Of. You.  I literally would not be able to continue without y'all.  I 'feel the love' with all the comments, DMs and prayers.  All of y'all who've been able to assist financially... all of you who've offered shelter and/or alibis.

YOU are why I keep this up, and why I know that Adriana is coming home to us.
Ain't no quit in this here battle.
And from the bottom of my heart, and from Wifey as well, we Thank You all, and are grateful beyond words.   Happy Thanksgiving to you all, and lets make next year a great year to remember.

Now, the shmaltz out of the way, current events are changing up so quickly it's almost impossible to keep track of things.  Seems ONE of the newsie-bits out there was the regularly scheduled "MAGA Slur" by the Ministries of Lies and Propaganda blew the fuck up in their faces per usual.  What was hilarious was in this case just how quickly "The Narrative™" went sideways.

Seems Mister "I Hate the Queers" MAGA-Boy (to listen to MSNBC) identifies hisself as "Nonbinary" and goes by "They"/"Them" which is purely awesome.  Talk about triggering the memory hole in record time Aye?  Almost as quickly as they can flush The Murder-Manager from WallyWorld.  I'm pretty sure that they had a minor shred of hope when they banked on the Queerkiller's Dad, Aaron Brink who came right out and said he was a major conservative Mormon...

Needless to say, all of the Ministries of Lies and Propaganda positively jumped on that bandwagon as fast as possible...  I mean talk about a bonus for them Aye?

That lasted all the way up til they found out ole Aaron?  
Yeeeeeeeah... he's a mad-dog Meth-head former Porn Actor who went by the name "Dick Delaware".  He apparently starred in such XXX video gems as “White Boys Can Hump’’ in 2016 and both “My MILF Boss 8’’ and “It’s OK to Put It in My Ass’’ in 2014.  (a quality vidya I'm sure)

A fine upstanding citizen as it were.

As Kim DuToit over at Splendid Isolation would call it, he did a a 'train-smash' interview that, from what I can tell, is 'must see TV'.  (link below)

Fucking guy is a whooooole bunch of fries short of a Happy Meal.  Seems he also, besides doing porn, was an MMA fighter, and in general, well, he's a fucking whack job nonpareil. In the aforementioned interview, he said "They started telling me about the incident, a shooting involving multiple people and then I go on to find out it’s a gay bar. I said, 'God, is he gay?'. Further, he added, "I got scared, 'Shit, is he gay?' And he’s not gay, so I said, 'Phew'."

Nice job with "The Narrative" Aye?

Add on he was on a show on A&E called "Intervention" which was a 'reality TV' documentary of addicts and whatnot, putting it all out there on the Boob Tube.  A screenshot from it:
The link from that is HERE
HIGHLY recommend that, if only for the lulz.  
Gotta say on a personal level tho, meth or no meth (I've never tried it, so no idea) but the idea of beating one's meat for 10-12 hours?  Holy shit that's -got- to be painful, loob or no loob.  I mean damn man... talk about wearing it down to a nub...

Jes' Sayin'

So, yep, so much for that MAGA smear attempt... 

Then, back to the Wallyworld Wipeout.  The Murder-Manager?  Ole Andre Bing?  Yep.  Complete anti-DotGov paranoiac.  Seems he even went as far as to cover the camera on his cell phone "...because the government is watching and trying to get me."

I'd have to say, another wind-up-toy, but in this case, methinks (my own opinion) is he 'popped off' early.  Word is he was getting demoted at work for being difficult to work with, and he literally had a list of 'motherfuckers I need to shoot' that they found by his carcass.  One thing that has me believing that he was a wind-up-toy is the cops reaction to his shooting.  Meaning that the way they hit his house...

This first picture is of where they rolled the Bearcat SWAT truck up on the lawn:
Big heavy dualie-tired motherfucker.  
Then, they hit the house.
Like kinetically
This's the front door:
I mean they took that motherfucker HARD.
Another pic of the storm door, which you can see above... the white frame and the inner/main door... which is alllll sorts of seriously fucked up:
-Something- was/is going on, seeings that the Asshole-in-Question self-terminated (like a good little wind-up-toy) in the parking lot after he finished his rampage.  Andre, according to neighbors lived alone.  He bought the house in 2019.  According to the Washington Post: "Bing did not appear to have any criminal record or traffic violations, according to online court records for Virginia, Maryland, Washington, D.C. and federal court. He also appeared to have no presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or TikTok. Family members could not be immediately located."  Link HERE for the story.

Just what the fuck did they do a kinetic entry for if dude was KIA'd?
Odd doesn't begin to cover it...

Thing of it is, the latest pic of the Bingmeister?
Is it me, or, for a guy who "...did not appear to have any criminal record or traffic violations" that sure as fuck looks like a fucking mugshot to me.  Makes one wonder...
Jes' Sayin' Again...


Hard to say, as we never get the real story.  It sure is fun trying to figure it out though.  I will say however, one thing is, is that where this happened?  What I'd consider an 'upper class whypeepo enclave'... Maybe I'm wrong?  Not sure, but when I hear "Chesapeake" all I can think of is that Upper Class Thurston Howell the Third clenched jaw voice... maybe it's just me?

Anyways, again, Thank you all for the support and love.  Hope your Thanksgiving was as enjoyable as mine.  May you and yours enjoy the rest of your weekend.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. Happy Thanksgiving BC and best wishes with the gran situation. -TomDeDeplorable

  2. Chesapeake, Virginia is NOT a refuge for the rich. It's pretty seedy.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours brother!

  4. That picture and another MSM had up…
    Maybe it’s just me….but I see a another Sex Cult MF’er member. I could be wrong…
    Similar to Fat Boi shoot’em up Nightclub.

    These crack wacks seem to have a look.

  5. Happy Turkey Day prayers for all🙏

  6. Don't Forget - - - This Saturday is "Small Business Saturday" - go out there and support your local small businesses!


  7. Old School Spook24 November, 2022 22:45

    Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless.

  8. I'm coming to your house next year.

    Bear Claw

  9. Happy birthday and turkey day.


  10. Spent enough time in Chesapeake, down near the Tunnel, to tell ya it was VERY seedy in 75.

  11. Oy, dese false flags keep getting more and more insane. Wife sez gay bar shooter's dad is crazier than her baby daddy (and that's saying a lot).

    And the shooter formerly known as Mr. Bing looks mighty angry in that photo. Lots o' questions one could raise, as you point out, BC.

    You did a bang-up job on Turkey Day dinner. Ours turned out pretty good. This was the first year I cooked the turkey without any assistance from the wife. Always very stressful feeding 10 people, but we survived. Next morning, I was beat. Don't remember being as tired the morning after, in previous years. They say getting older sucks, now I'm beginning to experience it firsthand at 55.

  12. re 'schmaltz'(sp?)
    First I heard that word.
    Naturally, I looked-up the definition:
    "Schmaltz (also spelled schmalz or shmalz) -- chicken or goose fat. Ashke-Nazi ('Jew') use the glop in chicken soup, latkes, matzah brei, chopped liver, matzah balls, etcetera."
    In other news:
    Rhonda 'Randi' Weingarten is still homosexual.
    Rhonda 'Randi' is still president of the American Teachers Union.
    Apparently, American teachers pay mz. Rhonda 'Randi' a half-million fedbux annually for her services.
    mz. Rhonda 'Randi' is still married to homosexual 'community activist' mz. Sharon Kleinbaum, and the two reside in New York city.
    And in other news:
    Every. Single. Time.
    An aside:
    Apparently, the mask of mz. Rhonda 'Randi' Weingarten was a popular 'fright' accessory for children this past Halloween!


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