Antiquing Today and Loyalty

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Went out today doing some Antique Creeping.  Love checking out some of the shops like that.  A great way to have a cheap day out, provided that your significant other doesn't find something he/she must absolutely have!!!  Thankfully I got off with only $20 spent on some drinking glasses with a flowery pattern.  Seems Wifey's Ex-MIL had these and she always wanted 'em.  Been discontinued for a while so for $20?
Why the hell not?
Now, the other thing was a couple of trucks that were parked on the premises.   I took pics, but sent 'em to Phil and CederQ over at Phil's place as they do "Old Truck Tuesdays" so I'ma not going to steal their thunder.  Pretty cool though as almost everywhere I look there's old trucks, cars, jalopies and whatnot parked ALL over the place, in various conditions.

Right up the road from Miss Daisy's is a closed Datsun Garage that OMFG has like a shitpot of Datsun sports cars from like ALL the eras.  Now, reason I get worked up over this is my best friend in High School ran a 1974 Datsun 240Z that was restored to showroom.  Thing was awesome.  Brown with gold-metallic flake paint, 3 coats plus 2x clearcoat.  British Magnesium Rally wheels.  
VERY similar to that one above (that's a '73 and the wrong rims but you get the idea)

That car is where I learned about early fuel injection systems.  Fond memories of early wrench turning there...  That closed down garage?  I saw at least three 240s there in varying condition... however the place is closed and has been closed for a long minute, so I don't know if they're abandoned or just being left to rot-in-place.  Never mind the dozens of 'other' models, to include some late 80's 300Z's.  Damned shame IMO.

The other thing I've noticed today was/is OMFG... the deer... like WOW!
We counted, no shit, 8 deer road kills.  All fresh.  Like damn.  Stacked 'em like cordwood.  I mean I've -never- seen that many deer wipeouts -ever- and I grew up in New Hampshire.  Maybe over population?  I mean there's always onsie-twosies, even in Florida.  Of course Florida Deer tend to run on the -very small- side of the size, but these here?  Damn... full grown dead deer ALL over the place.  And usually, a car right up from where the deer corpse is, a car with mad front end damage.

Except for one... fucking Mack Truck must have blown this thing up... it was scattered and splattered allllll over the highway... for like 50 yards of blood, guts and then the mangled remains of what -might- have been a full size doe.  So much damage though it was had to tell... anyways... this's way out of MY ordinary.  Maybe it's location?  I was stationed in West TN back during the Campbell days, and don't remember THIS many dead deer littering the highways...  Not sure but man, this's a lot of dead deer.  Damned sure a waste of meat too...   Jes' Sayin'

Other than that, not much news wise again.  Seems that the Glorious and Harmonious P&PBUH (Plus 10%) Orifice of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den is still a fucking reeee-tard.  Kamel Toe is still worthless as well.  Personally, they need to get rid of the Hoe, and have Fetterman run with Slo.
Be entertaining to say the least Aye?

Other than Slo creeping on a bunch of kids in Nantucket (who lets someone like him do shit like this???  I mean really?) Link HERE
The 'usual suspects' in the Ministries of Lies and Propaganda give the story the spin of "...the president's actions were sweet and emblematic of his caring role as a grandfather"

No fucking way
Not after his own daughter wrote about having to wait until oh- dark early to fucking shower because "Daddy" was a little too 'handsie' in the shower... that's a fucking factOld Joe from Scranton is a Usurping fucking pervert, a child-raping incest-loving psychopath.  HOW this shit has managed to keep on keeping on is only testament to the exhaustion the majority of people here in the Untied Staatz have towards our self-appointed 'betters' and rulers.  Self appointed since there, as far as I'm concerned, hasn't been any sort of legitimacy to our DotGov for  a looooooong fucking time.

Ain't going to be either.
Not until the "Day of the Stretched Neck" comes about.
Have to see just -how long- this shit is going to go on for.
I got a hunch Europe is going to be the 'test case' as they're unarmed, and generally a hell of a lot more 'passive'.  They tend to take the 'orders from the top' and follow them.  "Alles in Ordnung"  That's been the way of it forever and a day, and until they finally lose their collective shit.  I mean it's going to take a lot before that happens, but OMFG when it does finally break loose?

That Doctor Evil looking Motherfucker Klaus "Closet-Cockholster/Cockgobbler" Shwab?
And his WEF... those Weak Enfeebled Fuckwads... (BTW side note: is that good?  Dunno, just came up w/it, let me know) those fucking piece of shytte morons?  That coterie of motherfucking too-rich-to-know-better people?  Dumbfuckers seem to have forgotten that "those with the guns, make the rules."  Juuuuust because currently they're 'running the show'? 

Things fucking change boyos.

Usually In a New York Second, if given the chance.  

They just have no fucking clue.  UNLESS they literally have come up with brain-implants or collars like in Fallout 3-4, there's no way the guys with the heavy ordinance are going to keep taking orders from the fucking pencil-necked geeks... not in an "after" situation.  The rules of the "Game" if you will, something of which they have absolutely no clue about is so faaaaaaaaaaar outside of their ken and kith.  They go no idea.

In the Infantry, you have Your Unit.
Your Company
Your Platoon
Your Squad
Your Bros.
In my case?  The 101st, in a larger, moar nebulous fashion is my 'home' so to speak.  Yeah I served in the 1st Cavalry Division (my shrink sez eventually the nightmares will stop).  My actual unit?
Wifey's B-Day Gift to me, the date is wrong, but hey, fuck it... I'll take it.

My Unit:
Delta Company, 2nd Battalion of the 187th Brigade.
Third Herd
Dying for the 101st?  Low on the priority list.  Company?  Captain Strickland?  Great commander... Musso, after Strickland, was a bit of a let down, but still as COs go?  Probably.  If "The Man" issued orders?  I'd follow 'em.  ESPECIALLY those guys...  Both beat the shit out of the assholes I had before that, hell after them... to the point I couldn't tell you the names of -any- of them, before or after.  That includes the Cav, Germany, hell ALL of them.  Now mind you, I'd follow ALL orders lawfully given to me, but IRL, there's following orders and then following orders.  The Rakk commanders?  All of them?  Hell yes.

Then, my Platoon?  Third Fucking Herd?
To this day I'd still take bullet for most of them fuckers
Everyone but Moore, 'cos fuck that guy... seriously.
But yeah, THAT is what the security guys are going to be all about Family first, but then their DotMil? DotSec fam? Yeah, come a collapse, the majority of the "Elite" assholes think that they've got a 'reliable security force'?  Not so fucking mucho IRL.  Like as in -nada-. 

No leverage = no support = 
Make of it what you will.
So yeah, like I -always- state, grab the popcorn
Best entertainment available in years.
Stay Tuned
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country
No joke, no irony... just wishing to go back to the way it was...
Jes' Sayin'


  1. Dude. Get a can of yellow paint. Go out at dusk and paint all the carcasses you see with some of the paint. Go out pre-dawn and harvest any non-painted carcasses. Be choosy if you have enough available and only go for the good parts.

    As to why there are so many? F'ing leftists and the whole enviromovement has made it harder and harder for people to get hunting licenses, and reduced the numbers of places people can hunt. Doesn't mean there aren't 'poachers' out there (and 'poaching' when you can't afford food isn't poaching to me) but, overall, less and less hunters means more and more deer and thus more and more deer-killed vehicles.

    So do your best to eat deer if you can. More meat on a single Tennessee deer than on a small herd of Florida deer.

    And your assessment of Europe is true. Bunch of put-down rules-followers that once they hit rock bottom have been known to destroy whole civilizations just to make themselves feel better. Just look at what the Dutch farmers are doing, waging a low-intensity war against their own government over Nitrogen.

  2. Europe is in chaos. Mass riots and revolts are being studiously ignored or downplayed by the mass media. Brazil is getting ready to make war on its communists. Life’s gonna get interesting.

    1. Winner winner chicken dinner. Brazilians are spicy. Ones to watch. Bolsonaro has some balls, and he just showed his cards.

    2. Okanogan Offgrid28 November, 2022 08:54

      China is getting crazy too, with massive protests/riots in cities all over the country.

  3. Years ago, after spermdonor left, I was reduced to dumpsterdiving and butchering roadkill in the night to feed the kids. It can be done. Just make sure it's fresh. I checked the game trails regularly.

  4. "
    And his WEF... those Weak Enfeebled Fuckwads... (BTW side note: is that good? Dunno, just came up w/it, let me know)"... not bad, not bad at all.
    Although the common term I see most often, MotherWEFers, is just plain lilting on the tongue, eh?
    And to add to Filthie, China yes even China is rioting bigly, all across the nation. Gosh, don't our "news" services do such a great job reporting, don't they? All you have to do is believe the opposite of what they say, and seek out the stuff they squash/hide. Easy peasy.

  5. Diaper man and Stroke Boy 2024? Excuse me, my emesis bag is calling.

  6. Deerpocalypse is year round here but especially now with it getting dark so early and the rut/hunting season pushing them. When the corn fields come down, the deer wander on the roads all the time. There are at least 3-4 within a mile in either direction from my house. We just have too many damn deer and the people that hunt are only shooting the big antlers, we need to kill about 500 does around here just to settle things out.

  7. "Third Herd" - the platoon that always seems to march to their own cadence. I was in 3rd Herd in every unit I was assigned as an 11B. We were always at the top of the heap during field exercises and soldier skills, but always at the bottom in garrison. We'd out drink, out fight, and out fuck any other platoon - and out-Article 15 them, as well.

    Years later, I was reading a John Ringo novel and he made the same observations about 3rd Herd. I thought that it was just me who noticed that.

    I knew a guy who used to listen to a police scanner for reports of fresh road kill. He'd show up while the critter was still warm to salvage what he could. It is legal to do so in Arizona. I asked him how much usable meat he was able to salvage, and he said it was around 50-75 percent if it was hit by a car, but truck kills left a lot less.

  8. Wild life departments like here in Oklahoma, have done an excellent job repopulating big game since the depression when they were killed out.

    When I was a kid never saw deer or turkey on cousins ranch. Now they get 100 DMAP tags for doe during entire season as do many other check stations across the state. For several years now I drive around the land and see deer in the herds.

    Also hunters have been in decline for years so department is pushing taking youth hunting.

    The rut starts in November so deer are moving more at night so slow down and watch the road.

    Bear Claw

  9. Dude, I was in 2/187 from 1995 to 1997, Mortar platoon leader, then HHC XO. BN CDR was LTC Toomey. Great days.

    1. I was under LT Narel in 3rd Herd w/"Ranger Bob" Allison as out PSGT. Scott Scholl was my Section leader! Good times! Got a story I'm going to tell about tomorrow from back then... Stay tuned... you'll know -exactly- of what I speak...

  10. Old School Spook28 November, 2022 12:29

    I'm in Pickens County Ga. and just missed out on a 6-point buck this morning, about 11 AM. He hit the backyard and was over the fence and gone, before I could get to the .308. I'll maybe put some deer corn down, with some cherry koolade sprinkles, and see if I can slow him down for next time. But, he was not so much bigger than any of the does around my 3-acre yard and I don't hunt for horns, so he's probably safe from me. My freezer can't tell the difference between buck or doe. I generally have 2 - 7 does, about thirty yards off my back deck 3 or 4 times a week - all year around. Our does are not huge but they aren't hard to find and take down. The roadkill count is way high here as well. We also have a butt load of feral pig, with no limit - year round. With the price of groceries and meat these days, having an easy harvest in the backyard might be a certain blessing.

  11. The photo of Schwab would be better if there was a hole in the bridge of his nose and a red mist on the wall behind him.

    1. I thought just under his nose. Great minds think alike.

  12. I have a surplus M-936A2 Wrecker (BC you know those) and was cruising down one of the back roads here last Week, straight stretch and at 45 Miles and Hour you can't here the Turbo Cummins over six Michelin Mudders... Bambi leaps out of the Weeds on my right, left Bumper Wing got him square in the Head, all 3 Tires on the Left go >bumpbumpbumpsqwish< and one of his Antlers flew over the Cab and landed on the Deck. Blood and Guts all over the Axles. Those things are like Rabbits around here, fewer people Hunting and more '10-acre McMansions' with 'landscaping', i.e. Deer Feeders. Glad I didn't it it with the Pickup, but it took two hours with the Pressure Washer to get the stinking guts off the Truck.

  13. > The other thing I've noticed today was/is OMFG... the deer... like WOW!
    We counted, no shit, 8 deer road kills.

    This is a normal fall in Appalachia. It's really bad this time of year. West Tennessee might as well be a different state.

  14. Nothing wrong with grabbing the fresh stuff off the road. You will know what to keep what not to. Where we live you just report the game on the traffic app if you worry about keeping it legal for no money and grab and go

  15. WEF = "What Ever Fuckers" My deer encounter of the close kind involved me hitting a pre-squished Illinois 8 pointer on I-74 west of Peoria. Thing was, I was on my Ducati. Came over a rise at sportbike loafing speed and 200 feet of deer blood and guts smeared into the road. Can't execute a lane change or evasive maneuver. Do inverse target fixation to hit deer head as square as I can with light grip on the controls. BA-WHAM and it's over in an instant. I still thank the Almighty that I was still upright and motoring in a straight line. Drive right to carwash to pressure clean the bike and my lower half. Blood and guts in places you don't even think about. Didn't crap my pants but it was close.

    Spin Drift

  16. That freak-show American tax-payers hired for some nuclear gig -- 'non-binary' -- arrested for felony theft:
    Notice the press-release struggling with its 'preferred-pronouns' gimmick?


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