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Secure Now and Car Fire(s)?

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes! So, got the 'security bundle' for Wyze in.  Got the doorbell cam installed and it's securing the house now.  Wifey's been really worried that the morons may/may not show up here, and having the cam helps with making sure we got -everything- on record, to include visitations and whatnot.  These days, better safe than sorry. As it were, the news is boooooooo-ring.  The puppyfucker has already  gone down the memory hole, which makes me wonder what 'blip' on the screen it was being used to cover for.  I personally haven't been able to find much in the news, but then again People's Glorious Tractor Factory has my ass hustling as of late. Although one interesting footnote ALL the cars that the Secret Cervix rented from Hertz on Nantucket caught fire and burned after being returned to the rental agency.  Link HERE from SHTF Plan as NO ONE seems to be touching this particular oddity with a ten foot pole. 5 cars ALL burned up. 

Bagged! (Literally)

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes! I saw a news article last night after my usual poast (great comments BTW) about that fucking Satanic Nookular Headcase that the Xiden Administration put in place as a 'thumb-in-the-eye' to well, everyone.  Sam Brinton... y'all may remember I did an in-depth on this particular fuckwad a while back before Goolag kicked me to the curb.  An - obviously - mentally ill fag who's into dressing up his 'partners' in leather Doggie-Fetish gear and fucking them in the ass was declared the "Bestest Evvar Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Office of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition" who got the appointment. So, most folks had hoped that that would have been the end of 'it' i.e. they mad us flinch, we took our two, and called it a day.  Then yesterday evening, this story on Fauxnews came out HERE   Seems our 'puppyfucker' had a case of 'light fingers' and got caught out.  I saved the link for today's story

Are You Kidding Me!?! Woke Wankery

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes! Man, these supposed "people" these days?  These little minded Woke Wankers and their small mindedness.  The basement dwelling trolls who have cheeto stains on their hands, as well as their junk.... I see something like this, and I get oh so much MOAR tired/angry at what's going on in our once-great-but-now-doomed Country...   I found this LINKED today on the Daily Fail whilst checking the Web: Don't know why, well ackchully I do  know why it pisses me off. Whomever did this is unworthy of wiping the soles of Al's shoes.   Just who in the fuck  do these people think they are?  I mean yeah, Capone was a vicious Mobster from the bad old days of the Roaring 20s/30s.  That being said however, He's literally   a major part of American History.  Doing something like this is a desecration of not his grave per se, but, to me another example of unworthy assholes shitting on OUR history.  Who the fuck is -anyone- to judge Al Capone in 2

Antiquing Today and Loyalty

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes! Went out today doing some Antique Creeping.  Love checking out some of the shops like that.  A great way to have a cheap day out, provided that your significant other doesn't find something he/she must absolutely have!!!  Thankfully I got off with only $20 spent on some drinking glasses with a flowery pattern.  Seems Wifey's Ex-MIL had these and she always wanted 'em.  Been discontinued for a while so for $20? Why the hell not? Now, the other thing was a couple of trucks that were parked on the premises.   I took pics, but sent 'em to Phil and CederQ over at Phil's place as they do "Old Truck Tuesdays" so I'ma not going to steal their thunder.  Pretty cool though as almost everywhere I look  there's old trucks, cars, jalopies and whatnot parked ALL over the place, in various conditions. Right up the road from Miss Daisy's is a closed Datsun Garage that OMFG has like a shitpot of Datsun sports cars from like AL

Back From NC and Memes

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes! Back safe from Miss Daisy's place in NC.  Had a total blast  'corrupting her' as Wifey called it.  I did nothing of the sort .  I just sorta kinda set her up on Gab, and then showed her some of the moar, shall we say? entertaining  peepul to follow? That and introducing her to Wirecutter's website  and the reddit board "Roast Me" I think I created a monster. An 86 year old Babtist Church goin' Widder Woman. Yep.  Showed her 'the real 'net' and man, ain't no coming back from that.  Wirecutter's "Roast Me" poast , (a weekly thang) had her needing to change her Depends.  Specifically this one right here: I had to literally  catch her to keep her from falling out of her walker/seat combo.   She was dyin' man.  It was epic . The rest of the day?  All I had to do was ask her where the fuck her ears were and man, off to the giggle-races.  She'd never  seen memes or the like, never mind '

A Recibe and Rustlin' Them Jimmies

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes! > URP !< Sorry... leftovers. Thank God for the leftovers. Means I t'ain't got to cook for a week or two. Also, note to self: Got to get back to Tennessee tomorrow to hit the Farmers Market again. A very  traditional Farmers Market.  Really great place, nice folks, lots of arts n crafty stuff, as well as homemade cooking stuff like Jams and Jellies out the wazoo.  The strawberry jam I got is to die for I swear.  I did have one  problem with going there though, and that was the guy outside with the GIANT mobile BBQ Smoker-Pit on wheels, selling oh-my- GAWD  good smelling and even better  tasting smoked dead flesh goodness. Yeah, two rackaribs for lunch AND dinner that night.  10/10, HIGHLY recommend.  Next time I'ma gonna try the ckikinz. We also found that there are two local farms that sell their products there, i.e. local  fresh dead flesh.  They growz it, they killz it, then they sellz it. Cow and Pig.  The best  example of &quo