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So, Rishi Sunak (or is it 'Rashi Sanook'?) didn't waste any time a'tall.  I questioned yesterday is "Question is is there going to be any leaning towards 'restorative justice/revenge' in this asshole's makeup?  Or will he just go 'status quo' and rely on The Grift ™ to enrich himself, beyond the 'normal level' of stupid money that those who are 'part of the system' naturally gravitate to?" Well:

Guess that answers that one Aye?
That Right There.
That's why you never give up your guns.
Last I heard, ain't no-one in Britland elected that fucking streetshitter.  In fact I don't think the S&M Mommy Truss was 'properly' elected.  Hell, why even bother having elections at this point.  May as well let The Soros Selected Elites just take the fuck over...  I mean the Magic Paki is one of 'em:
Now here in the Untied Staatz, we still pretend that elections matter.  In truth, the only elections that actually -do- matter are the local ones... school board (need to fire ALL of them fuckers nationwide IMO, Jes' Sayin') Selectmen, the usual.  Hell Sherriff is the most important elections at the local level that we have still.  The others are all pretty much make-work.  In fact most shit that needs fixing usually gets done on the local level via co-operation of the affected parties.  Quite a few years ago, can't remember which town it was, but in the Midwest, there was a town with a pothole issue.  

Bad problems.  The local Board of Selectmen or Council or whatever they called themselves said there was no money in the budget for it.  That'd it'd take til the next year before they could do anything, meanwhile the populous was having tire and rim damage on the regular.  The only ones happy with the situation was the local Tire King.

So, the locals got sick of waiting around.  They went to Ye Olde Local Asphalt Company, and got with the owner, who did a deal to fill some of the potholes in exchange for some labor and some landscaping done by another Local Landscaping Company, who provided materials, while the locals provided the labor.  Asphalt guy got his yard redone, the potholes got filled, the local Boy Scouts provided labor and got a Merit Badge out of it, and everyone was happy.

Not so much.  The Township levied fines and a bunch of 'other bullshit' to include threatening the business licenses of the two companies.  And by the way, did I forget to mention the Chairman of the Town Council was the owner of the local Tire King?  Yeeeeeah.  They even said that the patches were 'substandard' and needed to be removed.  

Shit stopped cold when the death threats started getting reely reelz.  The Sherriff stepped in and said it wasn't going to fly...  Last word I heard was the Tire King went out of biddness due to a total and utter boycott, nevermind the local yoots who took to vandalizing the building with a certain enthusiasm on the regular... as well as the owner's house.  His family moved shortly after as well, as they were effectively shunned by all the locals after, as well they should be.

THATS what's going to save this country BTW.  Locals doing local things for each other.
And shunning?  Local embarrassment?  Shit that needs to make a comeback.
Shit worked.  
The Stocks.  Public Flogging.  Humiliation. Shunning.
ALL weapons in the Arsenal of Old.

THOSE -might- make 'Murica Great Again IF we've gotten rid of the Grifting Elites, Infiltrators,  Closet Marxists, hell, the open fucking Marxists as they feel very fucking comfortable in ramming their fucked up anti-hoomon agenda down our gullets.  The majority of them found in and on every. single. college. campus in CONUS to include (much to my horror) the Military Service Academies!!!  
Those of you who've been here a spell know my own personal hypothesis on -how- the Poz got SO embedded in Academia.  That being that those who were out-and-out Draft Dodgers stayed in academia to preserve their stoodent deferment(s) during The Nam.  They stayed, and stayed, and stayed and eventually BECAME the Teachers/Professors/Doctors.  And around that time that they became Tenured, they maintained their personal distaste for the War and all it's horrors, not because of some moral position but that they may have had to put their own pretty pink carcass on the chopping block, and dammit, don't you understand?  They're special and intelligent and the draft was for poor inner city niggers and redneck whytte trash... not the wonderful and sensitive son of Mrs. Smith of the Providence Rhode Island Smiths donchaknow?

And then we got Reagan in the White House... and we saw a re-blooming of Patriotism.

And they absolutely abhorred it with every fiber of their twisted being.
Celebrating, however late, the bravery of the guys who -did- go to the Nam, who survived DESPITE those who protested them, the soldiers as opposed to the war in general...  They as a group were forced to look in the mirror, and rather than admit their frailty and cowardice, they chose to embrace their base anti-Americanism, as it was "their truth" as -they- ostensibly saw it...

So because of this intense self-loathing, rather than confront it, and admit it, and maybe trying to better themselves, they chose to begin the inculcation of their personal hatreds in their lessons... and undermining Patriotism and thereby America at every turn.  THEY weren't the problem... the system and the foundations and by and large the founders of that system is what was/is wrong, and therefore it's evil and needs to be destroyed.  

They took every chance to be the fifth column.  Ever notice that the majority of critical education was subverted in the late 70's, embedded in the 80's and full on degree studies programs by the 90's?  Remember that 'American Civics' became 'Social Studies'?  That the founding fathers went from 'Stunning and Brave' for overthrowing the single largest Empire in the known world at the time to being Unbearable Slave Owning Recidivists who deserve nothing but contempt? 

Yeah.  That's when I dropped out of College and joined the Army.  Never regretted it for a second.
'Cept maybe I should have joined the Chair Farce.  My knees and back might in better shape...  Jes' Sayin'

Until we can regain the educational controls, we're going to see the "same-ole-same-ole" until -someone- -somewhere- drags the Drag Queens out of the Third Grade Library, and burns them alive at the Stake.  That and/or an angry Dad grabs the Notachick Withadick out of the girls locker room and lops off said Notachicks 'twig and berries' sans anesthetic using a dull scout hatchet, making 'Him' into the 'Her' he had been claiming to be.

Public service I say.
What say you?
Now, rant off.  Went today and did a hangout with Mike from Cold Fury. Had a great time with him and his brother.  We went and threw rounds for about two hours.  The weather was perfect, a warm 76 degrees, the fall going in full 'fall mode' i.e. smelling the locals burning the leaves in the distance, the colors... hell -everything-  Literally a perfect day.

We zeroed our M-4s, and shot the hell out of my hushed Ruger 10/22.  I got a barrel shroud from a company a while back that's not a suppressor per se, but a shroud.  It -acts- like a suppressor, but isn't.  Even got the ATF letter stating as such.  Could have fooled the hell out of me, all you can hear is the action slapping back n'forth on it.  Quiet Quiet.  It also doesn't cost crazy like a suppressor... those things are retardedly expensive...  nevermind the fiery hoops the Asshole DotGov wants you to jump through to buy what essentially is a hearing-saving device.  Only issue I have is the patrol scope I dug out of my 'box o'scopes', the damned thing is soooooo out of whack, I'll have to wait til I get home to my proper tools to remount it.  It's so bad, that I was aiming to the left, and the right target three feet away took the bullet.  That or the barrel is irretrievably bent (hint: it ain't). 

The pistol shooting was good, except for my Glock-Notaglock (Poly80).  The slide lock popped up a few times in the middle of shooting, locking the slide to the rear.  Not sure if thats a spring issue or what.  Hasn't happened before, and the workaround was to just rest my thumb on it.  However, that was a workaround, and again, I have to wait to get home.  Probably look at a replacement there if needed.  Might have been a one off, but it did happen a total of 5 times out of 40 rounds... that's too many for me.

So going to see him again before I roll home.  We're -still- waiting on the word of when the AFA wants to meet, so we're in a holding pattern.  I hate that.  Wifey's even worse... I keep having to preach patience which is like pot/kettle there...  anyways, it's a nice time of year, so I may as well enjoy it.

More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. England is so fucked... and you can bet your huevos Big Top Charlie is behind it. They used to cut the heads of kings off...

  2. Spot on chief!

    Poly 80…Check your slide lock spring. Is the pin over or under it? Jusss axin👍🏻

  3. Yoofs don't recall that before Orange Man Bad, there was Shrub Man Bad then Actor Man Bad. Every Republican President in my lifetime was Evil Incarnate until they turned out to be just another globalist tool.

  4. What waste your time reading Edward Gibbon’s history of the decline and fall of a once-powerful empire when you can watch it in real time?

  5. There's a reason for thinking: Local, Local, Local. And accountability lists. Don't forget those.
    The folks on any of the lists I've seen are the very ones that would rather invoke Marshall Law preemptively than have things fall apart due to, oh - say things like: food shortages, energy shortages, massive economic collapse due to our paper funny-money becoming more useful as toilet paper than as a 'legal tender'. You know - the kinds of things that make the populous want to decorate the local trees and lamp posts. With dangly things, doncha know. The folks on the list don't want to become decorations. If you ask me - heads on fence pickets would be even *more* instructive to potential future office holders, but - well, YMMV. Regardless, it seems to me - most brought the likelihood of such fates upon themselves...

  6. To your intermediate observations; I have wondered from time to time how many more Spenser Rapones - for whom we carried the freight for his Most Excellent education and training - are out there.
    On the home front topic, patience is tricky to come by when you have this kind of itch. You can’t really get inured to an agony of not knowing when it comes to the little ones. Perhaps we can all lend you some of ours? It’s a right bitch, scraping yourself off the ceiling on the regular.
    All the best

  7. P.S. Interesting you’d post the Oregon Trail. Rewatching a show in which it featured as a back-story snippet. RJ

    1. Wife is doing a cross stitch right now with the OT wagon captioned "Get in loser, we're going to go die of dysentery" :)

  8. See? Told ya you'd fit right in around these here parts. Great to see you again, my brother. Very much looking forward to doing it all again later this week, once your TN business is squared away.

  9. I like the new place! Need a beer fridge, though.

    1. Fetch My Flying Monkeys26 October, 2022 17:50

      Naw, he needs a large freezer for the Vodka

    2. Needs Jubilleeums Aquavit for the frrezer

    3. This can be an 'and' situation...

  10. Glad you are back, missed relevant content you always provide.
    Prayers for you and your family.
    Bear in Indy

  11. Who makes that shroud? Inquiring minds want to know haha

  12. Chair Farce? 20yrs. Just had my second back surgery less than a yr from the first.

    Local elections not rigged? If you have Masons or related orgs, guess what?

  13. Please tell us more of this "barrel shroud".

  14. Gonna put my Cold-War era tinfoil hat on and openly state that the socialization of college professors was a plot by the KGB. Which, it turns out, is true. KGB took over colleges of journalism and education, then wiggled into all the other departments.

    And Senator McCarthy, though a bit of an a-hole, was totally right about commies everywhere, especially in the State Department and in Hollyweird. (State Department's own internal investigations showed that the USSR basically owned most SD employees, of which the report got to Joe and there you go.)

    Voting? Have you noticed that the Dems are all screaming quietly about how this upcoming election is going to be interfered with/rigged/fixed by all the evil right wingers? Seriously, suddenly they are all questioning Dominion and other electronic voting systems.

  15. would like to know more about the barrel shroud you have ?
    and I also think the next civil war will be twice as bad as the first one. lots of back shooting
    ambush kind of thing. no real lines to speak of. do hope you guys have better luck with the new lawyer as the last one seem to be a shit bird. and being in the hills is good for your soul.
    move to the hills 5 years ago and haven't missed the flatlands yet.
    as they say, the farther you are from the noise of the city, the better off you will be.

  16. who makes the barrel shroud, not a suppressor? askin for a friend....

  17. Hoping for a link to the company that sells shrouds.

  18. I'd like to get one of those barrel shrouds. Who makes it?

  19. This is how it actually works in the UK.

    Muslims have by far the highest welfare dependency rate, Indians have the lowest.

    Muslims vote Labour and expect handouts. Always. Indians vote Conservative and just want to be left alone to run their businesses and live their lives

    Muslims have killed hundreds in terrorist attacks. Of the most brutal form. Indians have killed not one single person.

    Despite being 4% of the population Muslims account for the vast majority of "hate crimes". Almost all against Indians and whites. The situation was so bad the UK government stopped publishing statistics.

    And so on.

    Indians make great neighbors, coworkers, friends and very loyal UK citizens. At least 40% of UK Muslims want a sharia state. The single biggest Muslim population in the UK are the Miripure. Imagine if the most knuckled dragging feral American Blacks only married their cousins and that will give you some idea of just how just fucked up they are.

    So if the choice is between voting for an Indian or voting for a white Labour politician - No Contest. Think of the scummiest Dem politician and that pretty much what the UK Labour party is.

    Muslim immigrants are utterly toxic. They destroy all that is good about western society. They are a cancer. Indians immigrants are exactly the sort of people who never cause problems and will fit in to their new home country.

    See the difference?

  20. VN draft dodgers might have accelerated the process, but it was started long before that. Frankfurt school plus USSR subversion.

  21. BCE, do you recall the name of the company that made that barrel shroud?

  22. Okanogan Offgrid26 October, 2022 09:11

    I agree that Sheriff is the most important elected position. Unfortunately, where I live, we have a thug Sheriff and deputies who apparently think that the Bill of Rights is written on toilet paper. I witnessed it with my own eyes and ears when a Sergeant with the local Sheriff's Dept threatened to beat up a defenseless 57 year old woman who did absolutely nothing to provoke him. The words he chose to use to my neighbor, friend and sister Veteran, were "I'll come back and turn into the Hulk on you. You don't want to see how mean I can get." Of course, that was immediately after a whiney, long winded, rant about how he has some special "right to go home safe at the end of the day." Our Sheriff and his thug deputies clearly think they have a right to be safe, but We the People don't have a right to be safe from them.

    When I tried to get body cam recordings, I found out we have a Sheriff who covers for his deputies by refusing to issue that inexpensive and readily available technology that would prove how the thugs he employs really treat people.

    I voted for the other guy this time, but don't have much hope that things will change.

    BTW, yes, the prosecutors and judges seem to be as bad as the Sheriff.

  23. Brand name or link to that 10/22 barrel shroud?

  24. LOCAL. Anything larger than small town can be hard to get that many people acting out together. ALWAYS a bunch of retards that won't play along. Great story and job though. Non-kinetic version of Battle of Athens.
    Steve S6

  25. Yep and in the early 80's those assholes bombed the capital, a war like activity, and then clitone commuted their sentences.

    Bear Claw

  26. My "local" is FUBAR (Illinois, near Chicago, my area flooded with section 8 animals afyer they closed Cabrini Green in Chicago).

    It's almost useless to even show up at the polls here.

    Working on getting a new "local" but family and employment has me here for at least another year, probably 2 to 3.

  27. I’m done voting on anything above the state level. Our legislators know that the state capital is within a couple hours’ drive from anywhere in the state. They’re not out of reach of the commoners, unlike the whores in Washington. As for the farce that passes as college these days, this was all part of the commies’ “Long March” through our institutions. You have to admit, for a group of people that profess not to believe in an afterlife, they certainly have been willing to play the long game. They’ve been after America for over 100 years, and they’ve just about gotten it done.

    1. Bill Ayers and the "Weather Underground" are winning.

  28. Great post. And you are spot on with the VN deferments. I was in college in the late 80s at a ultra-lib school. It didn't occur to me until years later - when I became politically aware - that my profs were all the same age. They were all ultra lib, but I was an enthusiastic army reservist who dismissed every one of their opinions. Later I realized they were all college age around the mid-60s. I also didn't notice until later, they all sported that Trotsky beard. I wouldn't have finished school if I had not been politically ignorant....

  29. How do I ask this without sounding like an ATF asshole? I am interested in the barrel shroud! I would love to know the name of the company. Or maybe a right up on it. TIA

  30. Mike - yer almost neighbor26 October, 2022 17:31

    Dammit man! It's good to see ya active again!! I'd be hard pressed to find something to disagree with ya on.

    Dam - I've got my fingers crossed (and prayers added) for you & the Missus to prevail in the asshole/commie court system. Lil Miss Ad doesn't deserve this bullshit! Neither do y'all.

    Yer almost neighbor,

  31. When the Brits start to die of cold by the hundreds and then thousands, all bets are off on the survival of the government and the monarchy. I just don't see Charle 3 standing up and ordering the production of coal for heating and drilling for gas or re-starting the power plants being shut down to bow to the greens. When the Saxons begin to hate is a very part of their heritage, buried for a long time, but not forgotten.


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