Guess Who's Back...Back Again...Shady's Back...Tell a Fren...

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
This's just going to be -temporary- as far as I can tell.  DiveMedic is up to his ass in alligators, and since the backup is on his server, and I've started going through withdrawals, I needed to get 'the monkey off my back' and start afresh.  I'm pretty sure this'll be 'below the radar' for the Goolag but hey, what the hell.  I can definitely crank one or two things out and get some 'knees in the breeze' to keep on keeping on.

Been a minute since I blegged.  

It was a nice break for a minute, but it is an addiction to keep writing.  
Guess it's time to get my "fix"

So... current Sit-Rep is we're in North Cackalackey.  Hiding out at the Redoubt in the Mountains.  We're about 2 hours from the new Lawyer who we have an appointment with this coming week.  New lawyer, dubbed "Aggressive Female Attorney" aka AFA.  The location is gorgeous this time of year... been about 19 years since I experienced "Full Fall" with cold weather and leaves changing.
Been a looooong minute since I woke up to 31 degree weather.
Had to bust out my Afghani Gear from when I was in Bagram, to include my hat.
Say what you will, but that sucker keeps a body warm.  Comfy too.  Sure it makes me look like a hipster-Taliban, but hey... I got a lot of hats and this one is my winter lid.

Now, to cases.  Seems that the Alma Mater, the 101st is headed into the shit potentially.  2nd Brigade (the 502nd Infantry BDE, better known as the Five-Oh-Douche) is replacing the 82nd in Romania.  The link is HERE.  CA over at WRSA had a screen cap of this:
...which portends not-so-nice things.  Considering that Vlad has been open and upfront about his 'do not cross this line' and we keep pushing and pushing, whelp.  Methinks that the blunderers running Clownworld in the District of Criminals in Sodom-on-the-Potomac (who, mind you, have never ever been punched in the fucking face, and it shows) keep blowing off these warnings.

Eventually somethings got to give.  And these assholes running out show and Emperor Poopypants, the Kidsmeller Persuviant?  It's looking MOAR and MOAR like it's "Dr." Jill Biden is the true power-behind-the-throne.  Couple of recent slipups here and there, the open statement that she stated (laugh-out -loud... hell guffaw-out-loud IRL) that her deviant child molesting drug dealing/kickback laundering stepson is innocent!?!

What fucking reality are these psychos living in?
Sure as fuck ain't mine.
The very fact that the Ministry of Propaganda and Lies even had a tough time digesting that particular whopper shows just how fucking delusional and power-crazed these retards and morons are.  

Can you say Edith Wilson anyone?

"Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it."
Per the White House website itself (LINK): 

"Edith Bolling Galt Wilson was second wife of the 28th President, Woodrow Wilson. She served as First Lady from 1915 to 1921. After the President suffered a severe stroke, she pre-screened all matters of state, functionally running the Executive branch of government for the remainder of Wilson’s second term."

Now, let's tighten that puppy up with some corrections: 

 "Edith Bolling Galt Wilson Jill Biden was second wife of the 28 46th President, Woodrow Wilson Joseph R. Biden. She served as First Lady from 1915 2020 to 1921 TBD. After the President suffered a severe stroke from advanced dementia, she pre-screened all matters of state, functionally running the Executive branch of government for the remainder of Wilson’s second Biden's first and only disastrous term."

Yeah... I'd say that works don't you?

Scary ain't it though?

Consider just how similar circumstances are.  Back then?  It was World War One.  This time?  World War Three is knocking on the door, or rather we're already  in World War Three, but in a slightly conventional mode.  Leastways I think the term "for now" is applicable.

And we have essentially a overhyped "Doctor" with the fashion sense of a deranged Madonna-Wannabe (too old, too ugly, well past her prime) who's obviously in love with the trappings of power, the money, the prestige and all the 'other' bennies that a Third World Dictator's wife is entitled to running the show.  A woman who's intellectual depth is measured comparatively to a rainwater puddle on a sidewalk in July.  In Texas.  Not much there Aye, leastways for long at least.

And this slore is running the show?
Yeah, we're seriously fucked.  From what I can tell is alllll that matters to her leastways, is The Grift™.  Steal as much as fast as they can, and hopefully get while the getting is good.  I mean what?  ANOTHER 40 gajillion was just approved for the Kraine and Krainfeld?  I mean in total, supposedly the amount it $18.2 billion dollars depending on sources.  

To put that as a number:
Sweet Jeebus.
That's -lot- of zeros.
With our theoretical current population of 329.5 million, (329,500,000) that's literally enough to give every. single. person. in the Untied Staatz $55 and change.  

Go get yourself a good dinner at a ok restaurant for that Aye?  With even a beer or two. 
Hell...the current homeless population is like 552,830 folks, give or take a few dozen... Call it $33k per homeless person...

And alllllllll of it -our- theoretical tax dollars at work.
Then in other news of weirdness...

Seems Winnie-Xi-Pu, who just consolidated his power for a third term as the Mao for the 21st Century had the former leader Hu Jintao (ran the show from 2003 to 2013) essentially manhandled out of the closing of the Communist Party Congress.
Is it me or is dude on the far left got the "Better him than me" look going on?

Shortly after this unprecedented drama (more on that in uno momento) Hu's social media presence like -vanished-.  As in "Hu? Who of which do you speak?  I know not Hu."  Link to a pretty good story on the Daily Fail HERE  It's apparent that Winnie ain't fucking around... lots of moving parts, lots of the 'old Guard' (i.e. the octogenarians and nonagenarians, hell centenarians) who've been tenaciously holding onto power are getting 'retired'... (sound familiar?) Usually that means that the next word we'll get about good ole Comrade Hu Jintao is that he died of an unexpected heart attack, read as 2 grams of terminal lead poisoning.
Very Telling how a -lot- of them guys are looking at that forlorn and empty seat Aye?

Not sure what exactly this portends, but either way, considering OUR current Leadshit Status or lack that thereof, means nuthin' good will come of it.

Then, to round out the "Chaos Factor" Liz Truss, the Brit Prime Minister called it quits after 44 days.
Boris Badhair seems to take this as an opportunity to grab the reigns of Power again, despite having been shitcanned earlier and replaced by "Stronk Independent Whammen".  Only thing missing from Truss's resume was a diversity checkmark.  Of course there're other diversity laden folks, some Paki motherfuckers who have the eyes on the BritPrize, but hey... it's a shytteshow.  Grab the popcorn.

The US has no leadershit, China is Consolidating under a hardcore Chinese Nationalist-Strongman, Russia still, despite all reports to the contrary, has their Man Putin running the show, and no real signs of giving up.  Britain is all back-asswards, having their PM call it a day in 44 (a new record!) and Poland and the -other- Krainian "Allies" are realizing they bet on a dead and soon-to-be-frozen nag.

Ancient Chinese Curse: "May you live in interesting times."
More Later I Remain the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. Keep an ear out for banjo music....

  2. And Truss gets an allowance of $130,000 per year, for life, for that 44 days of work. Shee-it.
    Guy on left "I see nuthing!". WinnieXiPooh /smirk/.
    Steve S6

  3. Glad to see you pop again. Keep us posted, willya?

  4. Good to see you back!

  5. Being as I'm rooted near there, it is beautiful in the fall. Looks like my area actually. In these parts, the banjo pickers are ok, just gotta watch out for the 'shiners and weed growers. You DO NOT want to stumble into their AO.

  6. Welcome back!

  7. Old School Spook22 October, 2022 21:49

    Glad you're back, boudreau.

  8. Welcome back. Glad you and yours are OK. Sounds like you've got the right type of attorney now.

  9. Glad to see you back

  10. Your hat looks like an apple pie crust. Well, you did say we could mention what we will. chuckling,
    good to see you online again. The chinese curse? no disrespect meant, we haven't seen "interesting" yet, wait until after turkey day, shit will get real, and there are tens of Millions of people that are not mentally ready for that. Murray will start laughing when that kicks off. Who is Murray? he is the man who said Murphy is an optimist. Good thoughts to you.

  11. Good to hear from ya. Stay safe.
    Ohio Guy

  12. Glad you are back. Can’t say I disagree with any of your analysis. We are not going to vote our way out of this shit show for sure. Keep fighting the good fight.

  13. We've missed you, Mongo. Thanks for the update!

  14. Welcome back, even if this is a temporary site. I also wish DiverMedic the best of luck as well.
    Funny what life throws our way. Well, not har-har funny, but maybe irony or something like it.

  15. If you insist on wearing that hat, you had better keep that exact expression on your face....
    Welcome back, warrior

  16. Yep, here in the UK at the hands - mainly - of the "conservative and "labour" parties we've gone from a multi-party system to a two-party system to a one-party system to a no-party system in short order. As far as we scruff are concerned there is NO viable party of reliable politicians.

  17. I'm so glad you're back. I thought Flagg had gotten your ass but Mother Abagail said not to worry. Now if the handlers keep Trashcan man from spilling his bucket of sunshine AFA will soon be able to put some fire on the target, square the asswipes away and get Adriana Grace back with Ya'll.

  18. I think Jill is fcking the stepson.

    1. Nothing would surprise me at this point. Oh, and welcome back, BC

  19. Glad your back.

  20. Lid, I thought me and my brother were the only ones who used that word to describe a head topper. Mine is a cowboy hat even though I don't wear it often.

    Welcome back Chief, it's good to read and see you. Still praying for you and all your family.

    Bear Claw

  21. As long as Putin is stopped in Ukraine, nothing will happen to the 1 oh worst in Romania.

  22. BCE- Sounds like you're in the western NC...
    Two things:
    1)WNCW 88.7 FM is the best station for a wide variety of tunes w/o commercials.
    2) I'd love to buy you a steak lunch at the Texas Roadhouse in Taylors, SC if you're near by sometime. Kenny has my contacts

  23. Glad your back sir.

  24. So glad you're back. Can't wait for Elon to finish his deal so we can see you lighting up the Twitter-sphere with your somewhat different POV. Appreciate the updates vis Adriana. Ironage

  25. Welcome back to the land of the living....Depending upon your locale, Waynesville and Maggie Valley are nice places so are Hendersonville and Brevard....Remember Murphy is out that way, Rudolphs hide out...
    Do alot of trout stalking in WNC, and there is still much ersentment towards .gov for coming and running roughshod of the local .le agencies....
    Only by pure chance was he found rummaging thru a dumpster behind walmart, by a rookie no less...
    I do hope that AFA can do the deeds to get Granbaby back..
    What could possibley go wrong by sening some jacked up young para's into a potential war zone, can someone say AD and the rooskies decide to shoot back?
    Hopefully professional heads ie (senior NCO's) on both sides, will keep their troops in line...

  26. Glad you're back! You've been missed.

  27. Welcome back.
    Glad to read that you're alive.
    Love your outlook on world events.
    Tell us (when it's safe) about the trials and travails of Gran'Bebe #2. Later. But for now, OpSec.

    President Elect B Woodman

  28. 101st is being positioned to take Odessa. Vlad doesn't hold Odessa. Either we think that Odessa is about to be taken by Vlad, or they are there to threaten the Coke Homo instead.

  29. Hope you have an attorney with fangs and a double row of teeth for betterer chewing.
    It is beautiful there. Glad you’re back.

  30. That was RosalindJ. Forgot to sign off.

  31. righwingterrorist23 October, 2022 10:48

    Congratulations on your return.

  32. Dive Medic's platform is crapped. Showing Wordpress Hello World screen. Old links go to WP 404. The game's afoot.

    Steve S6

  33. Glad to see you poAsting again. Sadly, gAggle will likely detect your shenanigans and nuke-you-from-orbit post haste. -TomDeDeplorable

  34. Looks like DM's blog is down this morning.


  35. BCE - welcome back and it's good to read your musings again.

    Aside comment: Did something happen to Dive Medic? His page shows 'Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!' as though the whole site was wiped out.

  36. Good to see ya back, God be with you and yours, Danny

  37. This is the question, why are we sending any troops to fight in the 'kraine? Bad enough the grifters in charge send our tax dollars their instead of taking care of the problems here at home. Will the blood of Americans be the line in the sand that consolidates the men who wanted to be left alone to step off the porch. The grifters don't think so, so head long they taunt Russian Bear to action. He won't throw the first punch but he will throw the last.

    At home, we have the Saxon who was taught to hate waiting and watching as the preferred pigmament pushes towards the trigger point. I think it will the outright theft of the elections in many states that will coalesce the thoughts of a lot of 99%'s to string up the 1%'s. All it will take is a few from both sides of the spectrum. The Uniparty and the puppet masters will not survive the great peoples reset.

    The US Constitution is a really good form of government once the graft, career criminals and bureaucrats are purged. Get back to basics of three branches and limited central power. Toss out the 16th and 17th amendments and eliminate every agency created by executive fiat. Also fix the commerce clause so Federal overreach via that avenue is thwarted.


  38. Great to see you found a new place :)

  39. Welcome back, glad they didn't totally get rid of you...was going thru DT's without your!

  40. Glad to hear from you. You were missed. That 'kinda' cold weather? I'm in Lorain, OH, right next to Lake Erie. When the Artic Express - a windstream straight outta the extreme North - hits here, now THAT is cold.
    However, don't forget to lay in some good-sized wood piles, and pay a kid to chop it up into usable chunks (no sense being cheap, and screwing up your back). That'll go a long way, should this be both very cold, and short of power.

  41. 1) Thanks for letting Aesop know where you are.
    2) Keep working the clean side of the Adriana problem.
    3) Keep in touch with Sapper in ref the Casa.

    Good to see yer ugly mug in a poast again!!

  42. check your history. Ivan always had a soft spot for Odessa, or thought of it as winter home.
    back in WW2 they made a big deal about having to leave do to the Germans and a bigger deal when they took the place back. it is a warm water port- they don't have many of them.
    the thing that worries me about it is they might be used as bait or false flag op.

  43. Already posted by others, but DM's place is wiped bare. Did he decide to clean the operation? I was of the understanding he was on offshore servers an thus untouchable by typical woketard interference. Which means either some big shot (Gov entity) took his site out, an honest system failure occured, or he saw or heard soemthng that made him close up shop. If it's either scenario 1 or 3, then it's time to get worried.

    1. 21stCenturyCassandra23 October, 2022 21:16

      I saw on Cold Fury that his grandson is very ill. Prayers for his grandson.

      As for DoucheMedic's site getting nuked, no tears shed. I won't miss AreaAsshoe if it's gone.

    2. Oh so YOURE the dipshit who got his panties in a bunch of Divemedic dismantling your “argument” over black criminality, same schmuck who doesn’t know what “ad hominem” means.

  44. Alright! I've been waiting for the resurfacing. Great to see/hear you again.

  45. Good on You. Keep on Keeping on!

  46. Phew. Glad you’re back BCE. Good to see you’re still in the fight. I hope the AFA is the right attack dog you need.

    Lots of rumours that US/NATO planning to escalate before the mid-terms. I pray they don’t.

  47. Speaking of those inconvenient to the regime disappearing...

    "A network television producer who was helping write a book about Joe Biden's disastrous withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan had his home raided back in April and a report now charges he hasn't been seen since.

    The Daily Mail identified the producer as James Gordon Meek, 52, and explains that a Rolling Stone source suspected he had "classified" material, part of his work as an investigative journalist.
    That was in April, when the FBI raid was staged, and it was at that time he withdrew from participation in a book he was writing about Biden and Afghanistan."

    I'm thinking we've entered the final stages of the End Game, "The Night of the Long Dildoes." All the players know there can be only 1 winner, and all other factions are a threat to the winner...


    101st "Screaming Queens" division is the perfect tip of the spear for Globohomo, after all they have experience going back to 1957 of forcing diversity on a population after invading them.

  48. Week of 7 Nov 22. Shit show central. Hope uz finds some of that smoked bacon they have up in that part of the woods.

  49. Saw reports of "shots fired more or less at each other" between the Koreas. Maybe we can get into a conflict in every possible theater all at once, that will be swell.

    Welcome back!

  50. BC got a redirect at Area Ocho. Your sidebar says sector Echo. Tried old link which worked then clicked header and got redirected.

    Bear Claw

  51. Welcome back.

    They're snuffing out voices before the false flags that will stop the election. They have been messaging for two years the "threat to our democracy". Few mass shootings and some racist ' voter suppression and the election will be called off and "the night of long dildos" will follow.

  52. Good to hear from you
    Barry at CF

  53. So glad to hear from yah BC. Thought you were out for good.... The world needs your commentary on this clown show.


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